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Fish 241

Mental Omega Slow When Rushing Large Amount Of Unit

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My Mental Omega Is Lagging When Im

Rushing Large Amount Of Unit Why I Saw In Youtube And Internet People Playing It  Smoothly Im playing In Modern Sytem But Still Its Lags How Im Fix This Thing?

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Try these steps:

  • Make sure that no other app is open and useless background processes are also closed.
  • If you are using a super high resolution, try lowering it. I have a 1080p monitor but I run the game at 1600x900 resolution. Too high resolution can cause glitches on very small maps.
  • Try using different renderers and see which renderer gives best performance. I personally use DDrawCompat on windows 10 PC but your mileage may vary. To benchmark, I recommend launching a skirmish with you as spectator and multiple hard/mental AIs fighting each other.

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Im Using DDraw-Compat But Still Its Lags.My Resolutions is 1440x900 

Im Trying TS-DDRAW Its Horribly Slow,But Definetly Im Try One Of The Renderers 

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Adding Couple Of Word

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