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Trigger or Script editing help

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A little help, im trying to do this situation:

A have 2 bases for the AI, NOD1 and NOD BASE

After i destroy 3 power plants, 1 obelisk of light will supercharge and explode. (in NOD1)

On final sun how can i make this happen?

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Does Final Sun have variables? If it was Final Alert, it could be done like this.

Write 3 Variable PP1, PP2, PP3 (Each is just my shorthand for Power Plant #)

Write your first Trigger :Name Power Plant 1 Destroyed. Event0: Destroyed by Anything. Action0: Local is Set PP1

Second Trigger: Name Power Plant 2 Destroyed. Event0: Destroyed by Anything. Action0: Local is Set PP2

Third Trigger:Name Power Plant 3 Destroyed. Event0: Destroyed by Anything. Action0: Local is Set PP3

Attach each of the above triggers to your 3 power plants, one on each, by selecting your powerplant on the map and attaching it via its info box.

Next a Trigger to give you your required effect.

Trigger Name: Obelisk Explodes Event 0;Local is set PP1, Event1:Local is set PP2, Event 2:Local is set PP3 (Note you can have a number of events to bring about a condition to spring your action)

Action0: Do Explosion at waypoint, (you would have to place a waypoint under the obelisk), or Destroy attached building, (Id go for the latter). Id then select the obelisk and attach this trigger to it.

So far as I know there is no way to supercharge your Obelisk, so you have to fake it with a animation at its location. Id of placed a waypoint under the obelisk and used an animation just as the powerplants were destroyed. 

Ive only ever used final Sun once, and as far as i recall, it has many of the features that Final Alert has. So I hope this gives you some guidance.

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