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Severe headache when playing RA2, may be motion sickness

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Thanks to CNCNET, I started playing RA2 again after many many years. Back then I did not have any issues, even after playing for hours. But now my head starts aching within minutes of playing the game or even watch my son play it. Whats strange is I can watch loads of RA2 gameplay videos on youtube without any issues.

I have tried to play on a 27 inch 720p, 24 inch 1080p monitors and my 15 inch 1080p dell laptop, all of them give me severe headache. back in the day the screens were not as good, yet I do not remember feeling any eye irritation or headache. I wonder if a 4k monitor with better frequency will be softer?

my sincere apologies if this a wrong place to ask for help on this topic.

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I found a similar problem, maybe its age related. Im fine when immersed in a game myself, but watching someone else play makes me feel sick. Maybe its a little like travel sickness, and consider treating it as such.

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