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Is It worth it to spam Tank Destroyers vs Enemy Tanks/Vehicles?

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On 2/20/2021 at 8:53 AM, MapDesigner said:

Well they seem bad vs terror drones.

I would make some vs apocalypse tanks though

Yup and that is why i love spamming my favorite units. Vs the AI ❤️ As i did make 1 elite tank destroyer and have it obtain firepower upgrade From a Crate and it did 1 shot a terror drone. So if we could investigate. How much damage that gives 1 elite tank destroyer they would be WORTH IT! To spam vs Enemy tanks/vehicles. But because i spam tank destroyers vs the AI their! vehicles/tanks I would always WIN! ❤️ :3 I Even do Spam Yuri Brutes! vs the AI Their Prism Tanks! to WIN! :) Because i even made a topic Where i say that Yuri Brutes always WIN! Vs the AI their Prism Tanks. ❤️ As i spam tons of yuri brutes. And defeat everything the enemy throws at them :D 

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