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What are the values used to calcualte final score on TS. ??

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At the end of the game you have a summary of players and number of deaths, kills and economy.  Next to these values we have a final scoure.   

Does anyone know the values used to calculate this final score!? 

Any details about the value of each unit kill would be nice and also if anyone knows what bonus are possible for example finishing opponents or killing specific buildings five more points than others etc.. 

Thanks ! 

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1 hour ago, Holland said:

No idea really how these scores are calculated, but its definitly something fun to figure out. 

In rules.ini, there is a 'points=xx' value under each unit/building entry.

Here's  rules.ini https://github.com/LipkeGu/TSIniFiles/blob/master/rules.ini

u can use find (ctrl+f) to find whichever unit, u'll find the points there

Very cool.  We will look into this.  

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I checked it out but it seems there are a lot of unknown factors.The buildings and units are worth very few points according to the info but the scores we see at the end of games are in the thousands. 

It's an interesting topic but we may never find out how it all adds up. 

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so just doing a quick trial if u kill one of your own units its say an infantry... then sell up in skirmish...


i sold 2 buildings pp and barr ( mcv counts for nothings) and one infantry... it said 3 losses, 1 kill and 120pnts....


is points based on cost? at least to a degree

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