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How do i add new Ra2 or YR maps to the game?

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I would think this would be simple, but apparently not. I really want to add some new ra2 and YR maps into my cnc downloaded game. But iv yet to figure it out/get it to work.

Ive read the replies saying to add it to the maps folder in the game directory. Either that doesnt exist, or im in the wrong area. The only place i find anything cnc on my comp is at C:\Program Files (x86)\CnCNet     But there is no maps folder there, or any folder in there for that matter. Even after a fresh install. So far iv been unable to get any of the maps or map packages iv dl'ed form these forums here to work.

I just wanna play some new or different maps!! Someone please help this idiot here! :D

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Posted (edited)

Did you install YR through Origin Games?

First things first is locating the game directory and custom maps folder. Then, whatever new map you've created will have to end with extension .map for the cncnet client to read it.

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