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Snarks Tower Defense hardened [WIP]

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Posted (edited)

The work on map is in progress. Map download removed.

Thanks a lot to everyone who spend all those hours of personal time to play and try it! You guys have done a great job and helped me a lot!

After this successful experience I planned to make some small changes and few easier versions of this map.

For the ones, who already downloaded it: this map is possible to win.



This is harder version of Snarks Tower Defense map. Not tested yet.

If you have team of good players please test it out and send me feedback what should I change. Let me know if it is too hard.

Tip: Slowdown game speed before air units wave, becasue alot of sell/build actions have to be peformed in a short period of time.

  • Stronger Infantry.
  • Different money buildings.
  • Fixed infantry stuck at spawn point.
  • Now it is impossible to win this map in singleplayer, only 7 players team supposed to beat this map (but you can try in 5 or 6 aswell).


Statring credits: 100 000$.
Put AI in Spot 1.
Build Off Ally Construction Yards -
enable if you want to build your structures next to structures of your friends.

Download the map:

Thank you a lot!


Edited by Ezer_2000
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