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Changing Campaign Speed - Origin Version

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Hey guys,

I recently re-installed YR with the Origin version. The origin version provides a launcher for both games so adding -speedcontrol to that launcher doesn't unlock the game speed settings in the campaign missions.

Can anyone guide me on how to enable the game speed in the campaign missions of an Origin version?
Please, help and thanks..

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1 hour ago, ExcaliburTg said:

It's okay, I found a solution.

ok, keep your solution as a real secret, so nobody could easily find it.

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My post was to let everyone know that I need no further help so that no one would spend time explaining what I need to do as I managed to figure it out.

After all these years, I am assuming this forum has already found the solutions for most issues or at least should have a pinned topic with those kind of stuff.

On the other hand, if you needed help, you could probably ask me instead of making fun of me.

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