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Yuri's Revenge May Update

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Posted (edited)

Yuri's Revenge May 2021 Update 8.1

Special thanks to Rampa, Starkku, and Kerbiter for client maintenance.

You may need to re-install the client to successfully update https://cncnet.org/yuris-revenge#download

Invite Feature:

You can now invite friends to your hosted game inside the client. Open the Private Message window and click "Invite". Make sure you are friends with the player you are trying to invite.
(Give thanks and appreciation to Fonger for developing this feature! ☺️)

Your lobby must be unlocked when you try to invite someone or else the invite will not go through.
If the person you are inviting is hosting a lobby, they will also not receive the invite.


Ping Feature:
You can view any player's ping in the lobby, simply hover your mouse over a player's name to view their ping to the tunnel.
Now when you are changing tunnels in the lobby, you can view the player's updated ping!
(Special thanks to Kerbiter and hesto2 for developing this feature! 😊)
-Also it is worth noting that you will see player's with "Unknown ping" far less often with the tunnel list handler logic has been reworked.


Notice in below image, when a player's ping is 100ms+ the color turns yellow, 200ms+ is orange, 300ms+ will be in red.


You can enable "Auto-Ready"! This will keep you ready to play even when host is changing settings in the lobby or when players leave or join. (Special thanks to Starkku for developing this feature!!)

Discord Rich Presence:
Your activity in CnCNet will now be displayed in Discord. The game mode you are playing, the map selected, and your faction will all be displayed on Discord.
(Special thanks to Kerbiter for developing this feature!!)

Random Map Selection Button:
You can now select Random maps using the Random map button shown below. Keep in mind the random map selected is dependent on how many players there are. For example if there are 4 players, then only 4 player maps will be selected, if there are 2 players only 2 player maps will be selected.  (Special thanks to Starkku for developing this feature!!)

Yuri's Revenge Rebalance 2.0:
The Yuri Rebalance patch has been replaced with the "Yuri's Revenge Rebalance 2.0" patch. This is a Quality of Life patch for Yuri's Revenge that includes Quality of Life improvements to the sub factions and weak units in Yuri's Revenge. Playing with these changes will provide greater depth and variety, and create a more balanced environment at a competitive level. 
The patch has been developed and tested by veterans and top players in Yuri's Revenge. YRR 2.0 is open to community feedback and future improvements.

View full patch details and provide comments to the forum post below for YRR 2.0:


Quick Match Game Mode:
The 'Quick Match' game mode has a list of all Ladder maps and are played with Quick Match settings. The QM settings currently include a buff to the Allied Power plant. The Allied Power plants build 25% faster, which is the same speed as a soviet power plant.

(You can also play the QM Ladder maps in the "Tournament" game mode, maps under "Tournament" will not have the Allied Power Plant buff)


May 2021 Map Pack Update! 🙌

[8] Malaboo Bay - Created by 'XxMalaboo'
This map has easily 100+ hours into it's creation, and the result is a magnificent 8 player map to be played as 4v4, 2v2v2v2, or Free for All. The map is filled Easter Eggs around the map for players to dive in and discover

[8] The Eye - Created by 'Madness'
Often played as a Free for All, this map will create action-packed games as players fight for the middle gems and the tech structures on the outer islands.


[2] Sheikh Mountain LE -- Created by RaVaGe, saremGT 
A stunning 1v1 map, the incredible map design is only outdone by the level of detail and beautiful aesthetic.

[8] Fountain of Youth - Created by Scalpem, Burg
A great map for 4v4 team battles


[2] Andalusia - Created by saremGT
Inspired by StarCraft, this map brings a new map style which is new to Yuri's Revenge.


[2] Venice - Created by Kalpalkapow
Winner of the February Yuri's Revenge map making competition, this map provides very unique engagements as players can utilize an arrangement of units including Robot Tanks which can be very effective easily roaming around the map.

[8] Death Valley Girl - Created by RaVaGe, Westwood
Another great 4v4 map being added to the client in shape of an edit of a classic map Death Valley Girl.

[6] Whistler - By Burg
A new map for great 3v3 team battles

[4] Tiburon - By JaladTanagra
A new and unique 1v1 or 2v2 map in Yuri's Revenge, playable also in 1v1 YR Quick Match

[8] Mayflower - Created by Burg
A 2v2v2v2 or 4v4 map, rush to the center and fight for the resources. Conquer the waters with your navy to defeat your opponents.

[2] Sahara LE v3.01 - Created by RaVaGe, Westwood

[2] Prime's Harbor - Created By Burg
A new 1v1 Quick Match map added to Yuri's Revenge

[8] Highway Borealis - Created by Madness

[8] Valley of the Exiles - Created by Madness

[4] Stronghold - Created by Burg

[8] Desert Island (4v4) - Created by JaladTanagra

[8] District - Created by Burg


[6] Grand Gulch - Created by KalpalKapow

[8] Invasion - Created by Burg

[4] Montana DMZ LE - Created by XKalibur, Piners, Westwood

[2] Watering Hole LE v1.58 - Created by WavePy, RaVage

[4] Frostbite LE - Created by RaVaGe, Westwood



Edited by burg93
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Posted (edited)

Bug found. How to replicate, step-by-step:

1. Join any game room with a map you don't have on your PC. So to see "Download" button in map preview window.


2. Don't download the map. Leave the room without doing anything.

3. Try to create new game. This leads the client to try to set the map which you saw in the previous room of other player but as it doesn't exist on your PC that makes your client  to crash.


Upd: Thank you for a quick fixing.

Edited by Ezer_2000

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This error is discussed in the support forums @rchaker . To fix it you basically have to reinstall the YR Client (you don't need to deinstall the old, just start the installer and override).

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