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Connection to CnCNet has been lost

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    • By momot
      I from Thai and I download cncnet and cannot play because It serve Can you help me please??

    • By amer gh
      hi, i have a problem with the tunnel server all ping are unknow when i creat game also all ping are unknown anyone can help me to fix this issue
    • By Terminator - X
      Hi All Expert,
      Cannot play Red Alert 2 Yuris since last week.
      Appreciated your kind support, connection to CnCNet has been lost attached photo and client files.
      Please assist.

    • By mubarik
      after new update, im not able to start my game, yuri revenge and im using windows 10, please suggest me

    • By _L00k0ut_55
      I cant seem to log onto the multiplayer server you yuris???
      Has anyone had this happen to them?
      Thanks in advance.

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