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red alert 2 its working very slow

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I have a new laptop with windows 10

red alert 2 from origin 

As I enter the game the game works slowly with lags.

help me please !

Sorry for my bad English 

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go into your game files and youll find ra2 it might have .ini at the end. regaurdless its a configuration setting. and the settings is for your campaign options that you can change in game...well everything but game speed..

open the ra2 file with notepad (when you hit save it will still be a config setting)

scroll down and youll see [OPTIONS]

and in that catagory youll see game speed. it goes up to either 6 or 7. (not sure what happens if you use a number that isnt there)

i think it starts you at speed 3 which is slightly slow. 4 is faster 5 is....honestly i should switch mine to 5...

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Jthe420, does the solution that you have proposed work also for C&C Tiberian Dawn? I am facing the same issue with I play on C&C Tiberian Dawn on cncnet


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