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FS Epsilon base | coop | bkmod


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"FS Epsilon base | coop | bkmod"

This is 1-6 player co-op / objective / mission based map

released in April 28, 2021 at 3:36 PM

FS Epsilon base_coop_bkmod.map

online hastag: /map cf10aaaa6e4f07fc48cff63060e2038aec97bb6c

Remember to add A.I. on start position 7

(map has some experienced bugs/crashes that may cause during playtime. Be careful with Ally Firestorm Generator)

Objective #1: Find a way to free Tratos by destroying the main building.



Objective #2: Escort him alive to APC (enter the APC)
This will unlock mission success for objective #3



Objective #3: Capture the Pyramid



Official map Credit: unknown

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