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Ladder client (RA1) buggy, unstable


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Sometimes on Cncnet lobby the Quickmatch room shows 1/2 when it's 0 in the ladder client.
Sometimes players seem to unready when they are actually ready. (Unconfirmed)
Sometimes takes long time to connect and connection fails, repeatedly.
Sometimes (less often) client randomly freezes, crashes, needing to restart or logoff or reinstall to get back in queue.
Sometimes client has higher chance to work when not logged in to Cncnet lobby.

Others have also recently noticed ladder acting weirdly like pre-disconnecting games and ladder page giving connection errors.

Sometimes client works great without problem.

Ladder when it works is great avenue for 1v1 and potentially helps the dedicated playerbase grow.

Here's hoping that things can be tweaked and issues solved or improved.
Whoever develops the ladder thank you for efforts!

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