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  • PendingApproval changed the title to PLEASE DON'T TRY TO FORWARD EVERYONE TO DISCORD
On 9/22/2023 at 7:17 PM, PendingApproval said:


Doesn't matter if you can use it or not, it's mod's favorite choice, so you have to use it. Can't? oh, too bad for you, but that's your problem.

Anyway, they may help you solve that problem, but first you have to contact them on Discord, because they don't like using the forum they're moderating.
Can't use Discord or you don't like it? oh sorry.

18 hours ago, Tore said:

I agree. I've been thinking of setting up a new more modern forum for a while now as this one isn't great. Hopefully I'll get around to it soon.

Ever wondered why this forum isn't great in the first place? Could it be because of some really terrible mod decisions? Like the insanely-delayed post-approval for new members, and making own posts unfollowed by default?

18,000 registered members but no activity, and they wonder why it's a dead community!

A forum with good potential killed by bad management.

Nobody wants your help 2 weeks after asking for it, and nobody wants to use a forum that requires them to wait days and weeks before their posts are approved.

The logical thing is to make one's own posts followed by default, to know when someone responds to them, and that's the case on most forums but oddly not this one.

Yes, you can edit that option from account settings, but most people never check those settings, and why disable it in the first place? What's the point?!
Is it annoying to be notified when someone interacts with your post or offers the help that you asked for? If that's even possible, you can unfollow annoying posts individually, but to follow posts individually, or have to change the option from settings, that's even more annoying, especially when you know that most people won't do it, for one reason or another.

You have no idea how many passionate fans joined to share their joy of revisiting the game they love or ask for help, only to get dissapointed, beucase of these two reasons.

Nobody would respond to their posts, because nobody would even see them when they're posted weeks later from original date.

When these posts are finally "approved", they don't show up as new posts; they get buried behind new posts as if they were posted days/weeks ago.
They suddenly appear in page 2 for example, with little chance of ever being seen.
It's funny in a sad way.

I talked about this long ago, but nobody listens, which is another reason why it's a dead community; They don't even care to revive it.

See you on Discord! Because it's better than our dead forum that we killed.

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