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RA2/Yuri Is it possible to make players arrive in amphibious transports?

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Rather than the map load up with all the mcvs on land etc, Id like to make all of the players mcvs start out inside of the transport out in the water and then have it automatically move to land and drop off the mcv and maybe even automatically deploy the mcv. Is it possible to do so? I'm using final alert2 and plan to make both a red alert 2 and yuri's revenge. Is it possible to do or are the maps hard coded to require you to just start out at the player location waypoints?


Might be cool to start it off with a classic c&c "reinforcements have arrived" I got this idea in my head recently having played the nod campaign in the original.


I can provide my basic map with where I want the players to start up and where for the transports to unload at if someone wants to help. I'd like to actually learn how to do it as well though.


Here is a basic map I have put the player locations out in the water and gem cubes on land that I want each of them to end up at. If it's even possible to do this let me know.


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I'm still looking for this. Anyone here even tried doing this before? I ended up making the entire map now I just want to go back and add this extra effect to it.

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