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Red Alert Aftermath for Android phones (via dosbox)

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Inspired by this video youtu.be/AGuE4dwIGsE i decided to create a Aftermath version (RA version 2.0) for android phones that hopefully loads a lil faster than the one in the video :D







Important Information:



  -The Dosbox uses 128MB RAM,

  this can result in problems on some phones

  -Red Alert might need 1minute or more to load!

  -I suggest to use a Dual or quad Core phone with atleast 512- 1024MB RAM

  and a Class 10 memorycard!


  -Report all errors to [email protected] !

  -Please send me a mail with the specs of the phone you used and information about the ingame speed and feel of the game




Version 0.9 Beta (mod 0.1):



  -fixed No Sound

  -fixed improved dosbox.conf

  -new  Low/High Hardware dosbox.conf

  -fixed Startfiles

  -new Aftermath

  -fixed size/bootspeed





Installation instructions:



1. Required Programs


  -Dosbox Turbo 1.1.3 - 1.1.5      (Price: 3 Dollar)


  -Dosbox            (Free,config also works with this version)


2. Required files



  -BATCH file ra.bat



3. Installation


  -After the Installation of Dosbox Turbo the following setting must be changed.

1.Launch Dosbox Turbo -> Press the Menu key -> Config

2.Open Dosbox settings -> activate "Manual Mode"

3.Back in the Configmenu, disable the following options:

  "Enable Sound" "Turbo Audio"

4.Restart Dosbox Turbo

5.Check thru all options again, especially the "Manual Mode"

6.Now connect your phone to your PC.

7.Copy the cnc-ra95 folder and the ra.bat to the rootdir of your phone.

8.Replace the dosbox.conf in the rootdir with the chosen one included by the .zip


4. Launch


  -Launch Dosbox Turbo.

  -Press the menu key of your phone and choose the keyboard

  -Type "ra.bat" and hit enter

  -You can flip the screen to get a higher resolution, afterwards go to the Dosbox Menu -> Scale


5. Controls

  -One click = left mouse button

  -Double click = right mouse button


6. Support via E-Mail




credits go to the creator of the video, U[Nix]

His dosbox config files + readme are included in my aftermath version too


thanks to tore for finding a no-cd patch!





Note: The pack includes the new aftermath missions, it does not include the classic missions currently :)

Note: Classic+Counterstrike+Aftermath skirmish maps are included (200+ maps)

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here's some feed back it loaded faster than the previous version that i downloaded and it works hell of alot faster but im assuming their is something im missing cause the game screen will just stop but you can here the game play in the background.....

i got two videos of it no sound in the video i screen recorded from my phone.

second video be patient i had to rotate my phone in the game after it started cause the screen froze unit  i move the mouse i would rotate the screen and it will show my mouse move little by little till i deployed the mcv


RedAlert on Android Sg3


Game screen froze

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See the problem is i dont use my pc as much cause im always on the go so my android phone is my only entertainment.

I can just play C&C95 on my laptop on the train to/from work :P

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