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Command & Conquer: Classic Revolution (Brilliant RA1 AM Cold War style Mod)


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I love these small guys filling up the oil trucks.  XD


Indeed a good attempt to make the game more realistic. You should make a campaign for this. Like a gulf war campaign or similar. :)


Okay there are a lot of bugs... the image of the soviet mg tank messes up and the firing frogfoot finally crashed the game. Arda is a very unstable thing.

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Glad you like the details, I spent a lot of time making it look really nice. I know how much I remember enjoying watching all the little flashing lights, opening doors on the weapons factory etc in C&C95 when I first saw it and how disappointing I was when I saw the harvester unanimated in TS for it loading/unloading. Wanted to capture that joy of seeing something all moving around etc.


It's reasonably stable, so long as you program it right, lol, took me ages to eliminate a LOAD of bugs... but I'll look into that frogfoot crash. Thought it was fine (I know I've had games with the frogfoot in it before, where it was fine; See the 3 way fight with me, lovehandes and MNdaktoa). Actually sounds a bit like the special warhead...


Sorry, which graphics are messed, Soviet MG tank? What vehicle is that? T72?


Yeah, I have no idea how to do missions, haha. But yes, I should learn and do that, it could be really fun.


Edit: After I wrote all that, I just had a thought. Are you running it THROUGH the Arda "Launcher.exe"?

It's important that you do, else lots of the stuff just wont work at all. I did a TONE of testing, so it should be pretty much bug free.



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It's all setup and ready to go. Not entirely sure why there were problems. I just put it all into an .rar. You just unzip it and play

Just make sure you use the Launcher.exe to run the game. The issue is that the AI just can't really play :P So unless I make missions or you find someone to play with, it's not really a challenge. But you can at least check out the assets in it. It looks really pretty and is balanced beautifully :D


If you have any problems, please contact me. Thanks Kilk!



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So I played this tonight!


The whole Headquarters/Forward Command thing interesting. Definitely stops expansion, although I might argue that it is a bit too strict--I couldn't place pillboxes next to my oil refineries without having a forward command, as soon as I managed to get one down in come those little tiny things that shoot 6 rockets at a time, haha~


Oil tankers are really frail! They die pretty fast. I really enjoyed LMG troops, almost makes me want to rename my SEALs into LMG guys, haha (although I won't, it's cool :)) Also heh @ Engineers not being able to do anything. I suppose that's an RA thing though--although they worked for AI? I don't understand, I play C&C XD


Still, was amusing. Definitely a LOT more paper/scissors/rock than RA seems to be, and a lot more reliance on troops for defence than my game.

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Yeah, the mod is more about units than defenses, which is why there's so few (just gun boxes/towers). Engis can ONLY capture the commandposts/HQ.

The HQ is more about capturing more resources to help you to build faster. If you've ever played Star Craft online, this is something you'll understand pretty fast.


Yeah, the Tank destroyers are ruff, but at 1000 each, if you can snipe them out, it costs your opponent a lot :P hehe


Glad you enjoyed it, have a crack with the Russians and build yourself a SCUD, you'll have fun, I promise xD


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Haha I managed to live long enough to build some SCUDs, and yeah, they are pretty solid :P


You'll be proud of me though, I still used a Forward Command to put pillboxes on hills (think "turret cliff" setup) that were overwatching an AI base, haha.


Is there no way to replace construction yards that are destroyed?

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After I wrote all that, I just had a thought. Are you running it THROUGH the Arda "Launcher.exe"?

that was it ;)


I think the aircraft plane is too expensive compared with armor and firepower. I spent $6000 for it and then two AA guys just shoot it down  :P

A good idea is the better armor and usage of infantry so they are more than cannon food.


Is there a plan to make ships?

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I had some small plans to make some boats, rather than full blown ships.

I wouldn't count the planes out, they're good at what they do. In about 2 runs they can take down several tanks (each tank is at least 2000, I think). If you run strait at the mobile SAMs, they can actually take out the mobile SAMs before the plane is destroyed. So if microed, they're pretty over the top :P

In saying all of that, I never got to totally balance the whole mod, so what you're saying could be true.


Yeah, the infantry came out great. Double HP helps a LOT. So do the long range missiles on the troops, hehe.

Glad you got it to work.





No, I never put MCVs into it. I wanted to say that they require Tech center... although, because both teams use a different tech (and not the stock RA1 buildings), think there's not way to actually do it. I also didn't want low tech Con Yards, as it wrecks the building speed on pretty much everything... (Don't know if you've ever actually watched people play RA1 online :P).



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Hello, i really like this mod. But i have one issue - sometimes in result screen (after mission) game just frozes, so i have to quit from it with command pannel. And i have no idea why this is happening, because i can finish most missions, but game froze in result screen, so i'm loosing progress. Thanks for the help

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I never really designed nor tested missions, so I really can't say. It was really balanced for multiplayer games.

I know that while testing rules.ini changes, I did find that sometimes it messed up missions, including making them crash... so maybe that's what's happening here, I really don't know :P

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this mod is friggin sweet. are you still working on this mod? i have an older version and im wondering if there is a newer later version of it? mad props for all the work on it. especially the graphics on the guy that hops out of his truck. do you guys still play this online? i checked moddb for it and i didnt see an actual page for the mod but i did see it was being voted on for best C&C mod! anyways if there isnt a page for it we should throw one up. something as good as this should be available for fans to enjoy. kind of went limp when mods for command and conquer came up empty also, since the resources are different, would i need a special editor tool to make maps? don't feel discouraged. people do play this, even if they don't post in forums or vote in polls. you should be proud. not everyone can say they've made something so awesome that people around the world can enjoy. thank you for making this  :tibsun:

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Thanks so much for the reply. We haven't played in ages...

Soon after finishing it (to that level) cncnet5 went up and arda was not capable to being used along side it. AlexB, who amde arda, also stopped his work on that project, which was a major issue... if I'd known that the two projects (cncnet and arda) were going to split and that arda was going to lose support, I'd have probably designed everything to work without it... but now many of the things that are in the game are impossible without it. I'd even have to rework graphical stuff.

The version here is the latest and final (for now) version available.


Yeah, the graphics took me ages. It was started as another mod called "cold war", but the balance was terrible... I did make most of the graphics for that mod and I decided that I wanted a more traditional C&C balance, so I took the assets I'd made and put them to work in this. All in all it took me about 3 years of on and off work.


I'd actually planned to make a campaign of sorts for it, too. Which may have been quite cool. But after I lost support for the project due to the arda issues, I mostly lost interest in continuing.


I didn't know of any voting, do you have a link???


Fortunately you do NOT need a different editor to make maps :)

Just use the ore instead of the fill zones, make sure you put a rock under any oil derricks that you make for visuals and surround them completely with small stones like you see in the maps. I think you may also have to write a line in the map's .ini file under ore and make it grow really really fast, so that the spots can't be blown up (the ore next to any that get destroyed should instantly regrow to fill the spot), also it obviously means that the harvs don't eat it up strait away. From memory I made sure that the rules.ini did NOT contain super fast growing ore so that it didn't go 100% crazy on non C&C:CR maps, just so that they were still playable (even though it looks silly).


To answer your question on if I'd consider making anything more; I did actually make graphics for more infantry... If I ever do continue working on this mod, I'll probably rework the infantry a LOT; as I quite like them being very relevant in the game (they are fun to micro, and they make the armies look way cooler). As for now, I have no actual plans on continuing work directly on this mod, but I may yet consider picking it back up again (don't hold your breath).



I've started the very beginnings of a new Mod for classic C&C and am looking to include the mortar from that pack of graphics there. (but it's very early stages yet). For this reason above all others, I don't see myself continuing to build C&C:CR, But it's not impossible.


I will say, thank YOU for playing and giving some feedback. I did make it for people to enjoy, so it's nice to hear that people are still playing it.

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ok so ive had to reinstall the mod and it wasnt launching properly and i wasnt sure if i was supposed to extract CR mod into red alert online or give it a folder of its own.. so i tried both and the folders look different and contain files of different names. the one with its own folder had a ra1multiplayerlauncher and the one extracted to my red alert online folder just said launcher. im clicking on everything and i havent gotten to launch properly. the reason i was asking whether or not the link was to the latest version was because it was all like 18/2/13 latest version....19/2/13 RPG now has 5.5 range!


now...when are we going to get to try your other new mod? i dont mind if its way pre alpha or skin and bones. ill report bugs on here. let me test what youve got. gimme gimme!! i need i need!!


heres the link to that poll. i dont believe these results really represent squirty dumplings because nobody was really aware of it until afterwards. if anything i think it speaks volumes that it was in there.






if you decide to add that mortar and that sniper to classic revolution mod i will give you a hot backrub with some oil. 


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From memory the WHOLE thing is just packed in an .rar and you just run it through the ARDA launcher. And that's it.

No combining files with pre installed RA1, just unpack and go.


Thanks for the link. Nice to see that one person thought it was the best mod xD hehe


The new mod is purely in design phase, right now. Part of the issue is figuring out what I actually CAN do (as there are not editors that simply allow my to make new units and change everything). So I need to make a new balance but within boundaries. It's a similar issue that I had when designing C&C:CR.

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Hello author of the post. I loved this is mod, and now I want to continue your business (started doing translation to your mod). And so I can come up with a mission specifically for this mod. :)

I'll try to do something with music. For there is only one music for all mod.

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