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Some mistake in our FAQ/Legal content

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because I have (big) knowledge of WOL protocols I want to change one mistake which I have found here on your site.


In your FAQ and Legal page you writed:

Your serial(s) are not accessable, the adminstrators can only see your nickname and your password which are encrypted in MD5 encode.


This is not truth (at last not completely). Client (means the game which supports WOL gaming) which through installation process needs serial number to complete installation sends this SN to server when connecting WOL server. SN is used also in Game resolution protocol and it also client sends when creating new account through apiregister and servserv connection.


The much more bad thing about that is, that Serial Number is UNENCRIPTED! This means that any WOL server admin can show your SN simply when will use some packet dumper or will just modify server to store serials.


Im really sad because this makes big problems for all potential users of original games.


To solve this use regedit to make backup of Westwood registry keys and than make changes of serials. When you will want to connect XWIS than just change your serial back from backup.


Please dont search any point of attack from my side through. I just want to give knowledge about that for all of you which does not have WOL protocols knowladge.


The Best regards


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I blame SyS for telling me that the serials are encrypted....


and pelish is it ok that I add you to my MSN contact list?

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