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The official CnCNet5 client+game package download thread

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I tried to puzzle a new wineskin package togehter for mac osx since the old one was built out of an older version of red alert online, i do not have a mac tho :(

Would be cool if someone could test it for me, get it here: http://dev.cncnet.org/files/RedAlert1_Wineskin_Mac_OS_X_TEST-VERSION.zip



Added Game Launcher

Added both Map editors

Added Single-Player Missions

Updated RedAlertConfig

Changed a couple default settings


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I am a Linux user and I am having some trouble with the CnCnet 5 Red Alert 1 client. My current OS is Ubuntu 12.04 and I have wine + Winetricks, NET frameworks 2.0 - 3.0, and the service packs for each. When I attempt to login with the client, I get an error that says "Windows class name is not valid" and the client has to close. Twisted Insurrection works flawlessly, but the RA1 client is not. Is there a way to resolve the issue?

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I have also tested cncnet5.exe with Tiberian Sun and got the same error. I downloaded the exe and dropped it in the folder, since I already had TS installed. So whatever the issue is on my end, it's related to the exe itself. Attached to this post are the logs from TS today and yesterday's RA1 log. I apologize for not posting them in the first place.



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Hi. I play skirmish and after update of CnCNet I cannot select START (starting position on the map) for myself. Please fix this. Thanx

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Hey,guys I have a problem every time I want to play RA1 in cncnet 5 it needs to update, when I finished update it says "Failed to extrcat the archive" and Error code;2

Whats going on with my cncnet5 guys?

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At what file does it happen? Show us a screenshot please


I hope you don't run the game installer everytime you want to play, use the shortcut on your desktop to start the game

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I've been having problems with CnCnet ever since the new update. It would crash very often, and now when I wanted to launch it, it says that the program has stopped working. I don't know what really causes this problem, but it must be a bug with the new update. Should I reinstall the client?




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