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What triggers/trigger action would you guys like to see?


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The possibility to build 30 tanks like red alert 2 without to have click every second

That's easy. Decrease the game speed so it takes longer than a second to build a tank :dry:


On a related note:

Rule #1 Of Playing Old Games:




Nyerguds, over and out.


Also, this topic is about triggers, not UI upgrades.

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It is fantastic!!!

This would be possible???:

Waypoints or celltrigers that increases (or decreases) a percentage of the armor. (for exemple for rough terrain, forest...)

The same for the range of the weapons. (eg, hills)

Increase the amount of "Global set / clear" because (I believe) the limit is 32. I need more for my mod!


Other cuestion: Totally passable trees?


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I haven't added a keyword to change the facings yet, but I know how to do this.


Image= already works.


I just added a 'give credits' trigger action, with support for giving negative amounts of credits. Yes a simple and boring trigger but I got everything figured out now.


Every trigger action can have up to 3 parameters.


Not related to triggers but I also found something hidden for map makers: http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=2599.msg16276#new


Can you give me a trigger for every 30 seconds, you get 500 credits? This would be REALLY useful in interior maps and I could finally make an interior multiplayer map. I'm sorry, I REALLY suck at complicated stuff like this.


Also, a trigger to chronoshift in troops, in simple ways?

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I've added support for trigger actions to add infantry/vessels/buildings/aircrafts to the sidebar (I already added support for vehicles). These trigger actions are untested.


Add_Infantry_To_Sidebar_Action: ID = 42, parameter = Infantry internal ID number to add to sidebar (Trigger owner is used for which house to add to sidebar for)

Add_Building_To_Sidebar_Action: ID = 43, parameter = Building internal ID number to add to sidebar (Trigger owner is used for which house to add to sidebar for)

Add_Aircraft_To_Sidebar_Action: ID = 44, parameter = Aircraft internal ID number to add to sidebar (Trigger owner is used for which house to add to sidebar for)

Add_Vessel_To_Sidebar_Action: ID = 45, parameter = Vessel internal ID number to add to sidebar (Trigger owner is used for which house to add to sidebar for)


New EXE: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/21865790/ra95.exe


Download 404'd.

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Sorry for digging up such an old topic but I got a few questions:


1. is this all patched into the latest .exes?

2. Can I get some map examples of these triggers working? (I'm trying to replicate chronoshifting something in from off the map)


here is my current line, can anyone see where I've done this wrong?

I'm trying to teleport an mcv in from off the map onto waypoint 98








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I know nuts about programming the AI and I assume by trigger you mean some criterion for an action, and trigger action as the result if the trigger is met.


If this is true then it'd be super fantastic if a Q practice map be made, such that a trigger would be your tanks approaching, and the trigger action being the enemy tanks Q-ing as they fire. This enables the player to practise Q with a Q-ing AI - so far all practice maps have enemy tanks remaining stationery.


I remember taking a slight peak at the ini file of a Q practice map and there doesn't seem to be any specific Q command for the AI, so maybe this can be improvised by getting the AI to move in a random direction?

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I've been messing with some of these.  Though apparently not in the normal ra95.exe, they're in the parastructures exe that Iran made available on this thread: http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=2599.0 Unfortunately the download link no longer works and it seems he hasn't been on here since August.


Just spawning a chronovortex right off the bat is cool since setting its chances higher in rules hasn't seemed to ever work.


I'm trying the make chronoteleporter spots that work for any player.



;    ?,Ow,?,?,A,??, T,?,??,?,Cr,Wy,??,??,?,??,??,??

;First ? probably temp/semicons/constant 0/1/2

;1 for A means Entered by

;T required to be the activator's team. 12-19 is multi1-8. 2 isRussia

;If Wy is -1 then it is randomly waypoint 03 or 04



Here's an example that only works for multi1:

First action of trigger reveals area around waypoint and second is the chronoshift.









Seems I need a different trigger for each player for entered by, but I can't stack multiple celltriggers on one cell.  The game ignores if I edit multiple on one spot with notepad.  I tried changing the 12 for multi1 to -1 and then it doesn't work for anyone. Not sure if anything can be done with the other chronoshift trigger type 65.  Anyway got any ideas?


Looking at Jacko's post, don't have the map to see.  But RAed says something is invalid about the teamtype.  I think type 65 would be used for an already existing MCV placed on the map border and set to that trigger.  And having move to waypoint 98 set in the team type's list of orders is unnecessary.  Actually the teamtype is unnecessary if the MCV already exists with that trigger attached to it I think.

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Figured a theoretical solution to my problem.  For the event I can use OR with the two events being entered by one player and being entered by another.  So at least one spot will work for two players, and how I have the teleporters designed as a formation of four rocks, I'll just make each of the rock spots work for two players each and I have all eight covered with it only requiring four triggers for each destination.

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