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Custom paradrop superweapon

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1. Create a new team type called @PINF

2. Give it a Badge Bomber with whatever you want to drop attached, or set it to a (group of) aircrafts you want to attack a the paradrop location.

3. Set the waypoint for the @PINF TeamType to 99.

4. Close RAED and open the map in a text editor, find the line for the @PINF TeamType and change 99 to 100. You need to do this because RAED only support waypoints 0..99. Waypoint 100 is a fake waypoint which is set to the target cell of the paradrop superweapon when it is used.


This works in both single and multiplayer, with every Red Alert 1 version it appears. I attached a demonstration map I made. If you have issues figuring things out open this map in a text editor, find the @PINF line and change its waypoint 99. Then open the map in RAED to check how the TeamType is set up.


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