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CnCNet with Red Alert 2?

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I noticed that Red Alert 2 is the only older C&C game that is not available in the download section of this website.  I own a legitimate copy of Red Alert 2, how do I get it to work with the C&Cnet program? Is there a tutorial for this?


Thank you.

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I am a bit confused as I am trying to run this, too. Maybe I'm just missing something obvious and you guys can help.


I installed RA2 + YR german and patched it to v1001.

Then I copied the CnCNet4.exe into the directory and started it. After that RA2YR starts, but when I try to search for online servers it tells me that I need to install Westwood Online Components. I always thought this wouldn't be required for CnCnet4 to work (?) On your instructions website I also read that there may be errors with RA2YR and its copy protections so I tried out the Viper no cd crack and took out the cd. But still the game wants the cd when I now start the exe.


What must I do to get Cncnet4 to work with YR? Thanks for helping out! :)

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Cncnet 4 doesn't use the "Online" system, as far as I know. It acts as local area network.

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