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CnCNet Renegade Master Server

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Hello Commanders,


The CnCNet Renegade Master Server has been up for almost two months now, but now it's finally officialized and will be fully supported by the CnCNet staff. It will help the C&C Renegade community to keep their servers listed even after GameSpy is shut down which should happen very soon now.


Servers that currently announce to our master are visible on our new Renegade servers page at http://cncnet.org/renegade-servers and as an added bonus, a new protocol launcher for renegade:// links have been added so you can see the status of Renegade servers directly on our page and connect to them without opening any external programs.


When time allows, the server listing page will show players as well as other data that is available.


Hopefully our initiative will keep yet another C&C title alive!

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Open renlauncher.exe and click the "register renegade://" button.

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