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Quick Graphical Patches


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2 Things:


1. I'm looking at this nice little "small infantry patch" 'hires1.mix', made by Nyer, if I'm not mistaken. It mostly works, but even though the mechanic and shok troop are in the file, the game does NOT replace the graphics. Obviously these are the 2 from Aftermath, something about where the game chooses to gather the graphics from...


2. If I add more units to this file, will the game just override those shp files also? Like, if I make a replacement medium tank (2tnk), and just add it to this file (hires1.shp), will the game just read the new file instead of the regular 2tnk.shp?



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Hey, I made a full readme, a music pack and a custom config tool when I released the C&C95 patch. RA95's maintenance isn't my project -_-

And this is why we love you haha :D Your documentation in general is amazing. For every question I ask you on here there's 100 you've answered in your docs for me.

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That sounds really annoying to extract, lol. I'm sure I have full RA1 somewhere, it's just outdated. Do you know where in the files it's kept, what mix?



Edit: Found it, got scores.mix, injected it into main.mix

I think this is a bit complex for anyone just wanting to have music while they play RA1 online... you might want to make a patch for that, funky.

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