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Command & Conquer: Dawn of Tomorrow teaser thread


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Thank you both :D It does do a tad less damage than the Ion Cannon as well, to make it not exactly a copy (building is cheaper and not a power hog anyway).


You know, if you do manage to clone those production structures, that would mean every building for Japan is replaced other than concrete walls :D So cool.


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I guess calling it a SCUD missile would be inappropriate... Tomahawk? Smart bomb?

Obama Drone  :laugh:


How many time need this after firing?

I think if that thing is weaker and even slower than the Ion Cannon it may be useless against vehicles, so you could increase the damage radius to hm, 3x3 cells or so.


Do you still need mission for your mod?

I feel ardent to build one more mission, this time in the urban theater!

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Haha as Japanese and USA both share it, I think sticking with something other than Obama drone is best :P


If you want to make a map you are more than welcome to. Feel free to PM me and I'll send through an updated version. Just note that the urban environment is not 100% done, I still have one more building to replace (ideas are so hard!)

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I've done some more work on the Naval Command today! I've taken some inspiration from the existing Communications Centre. What are your thoughts everyone? I'm like 80% happy, think it needs just something more though.





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Cool! You could either add a classic-style tall radio antenna (like this one http://fotodujour.com/wp-content/plugins/watermark-hotlinked-images/watermark.php?img=wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Radio-Antenna.jpg) in the background to give perspective to some of the empty space, or you could try to make a fence around the radar dish, a la the chain link fence or something similar. Will the dish rotate?

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Looks cool.

I think it should have a kind of texture, especially the remappable strip.

What you're probably doing is creating a 3D structure, but with a grey or monochromed surface, where only the light's direction defines the brightness.


If you now place a texture on it, you can define a "material" the building is constructed in. So use e.g. a part of the grey "bib" of the GDI weapons factory as a surface-texture of your building, you'll have the impression that your building has a metallic surface. Otherwise if you use a wall section from the RA power plant instead, your building will look like it's made of concrete walls.


I did this on your 2D image here.

And last but not least I added the antenna of the GDI rocket tower as well as the bib and two windows of V04 :D


(It's RGB for now, when I auto-convert it into your palette, the coloration is lost, so you must replace the color of each "phase" per hand)


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Hey, nicely done! :cncsmirk:


I hadn't finished my building by any means, was just looking for some ideas :D Still cheers for showing me your interpretation of how it should look--the paint job on the strip there is quite nice, yes :) I'll keep thinking and iterating through design choices, incorporating submissions and suggestions as I get them. Thanks a lot for having a crack :D I'll be sure to keep you all posted.

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  • 1 month later...

Hi there everyone!


Over the last few days I've been working on the communications centre and have redrawn the whole structure. Your feedback is welcome! Does it fit with existing buildings enough?




I've yet to add things onto the roof, like antennae, radio towers or other detail. Want to get the basic structure right first. :D It already, in my eyes, looks waaay better as is.


Here's some ingame previews! Because ingame is exciting!



And I decided to cap the base with my units because why the hell not XD



Please let me know your thoughts everyone!

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Thanks guys. I'll add some extra bits soon (and keep working on the shadow) soon :D It's been a really hard building this one. Price of scope creep--it's not too bad when the ideas are flowing, but sometimes you get stonewalled when it stops all of a sudden.

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After a getting few more opinions I've made the following version:




Hope you like! If there's any further suggestions I'd love to hear them. Otherwise I'm probably happy enough with this one :D I will then start work on the buildup animation.


EDIT: Here's an edit of the above screenshot with the updated version:



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Dang man, that dmg looks really cool. Nice work :D

I really like the hole in the dish.

Maybe see how it looks in game, though. You might find it looks better with that whole hole (whole hole, lol) being filled with shadow, because the ground colour, especially lighter colours like the desert and snow, may look a bit crazy bright through it. Just fire the building up in the different environments to check it.

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    • By sgtmyers88
      EDIT: The new mod profile is live!
      So long time no chat. lol 😀 Since finally completing the story campaigns for Tiberian Dawn Redux a couple years ago I have been repeatedly approached about carrying the mod over into the RA universe with a spinoff. I haven't decided if it will be a mini-mod type add-on built into TDR (think GDI/Nod vs. Allies/Soviets in skirmish) or a standalone project built off of the renovated C&C Generals SAGE engine TDR is now using. I know a lot of the assets and coding between the original TD and RA games is nearly the same so it would streamline development quite a bit. (looking into the original game files I noticed a lot of the art and audio assets are using the same filenames to confirm this) The biggest hurdles I have will be making a decent naval system, designing, coding, and animating attack dogs and then the Chronosphere stuff. I may also (as I did with TDR) consolidate the unit and structure tech tree and add unit upgrades and special abilities. (e.g. Engineers doubled as Mechanics and APC's doubled as Medics) So who wants Red Alert Redux? And I will say it will not be a 1:1 remake. As I did with TDR I aim to keep as much of the original wacky tech and atmosphere Westwood developed for TD and RA but also have a more realistic spin on it in both appearance and gameplay. I have been considering consulting with the former Cold War Crisis Mod Team and the guys behind Red Alert: A Path Beyond.

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      It took me a couple of tries, but finally I managed to create a set of tools to convert maps to height maps. All of these are contained inside the CnC64 File Converter. (v1.0.3 or higher)
      The basics:
      C&C terrain is not three-dimensional, but gives an illusion of 3D with the images on the cliffs. However, this illusion falls flat (literally) in a real 3D environment. To remedy this problem, they added greyscale images to the missions in N64 that indicate the elevation of the terrain (brighter = higher). So if you want to import maps into an N64 ROM and have them actually look good, they are going to need a height map too.
      Elevation is not done per cell, but on the four corners of each cell. Because of this, the height map images have a size of 65x65, whereas C&C maps are only 64x64 cells. However, the converter takes care of that automatically, so we'll just focus on making a 64x64 height map.
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      Open a map file, and convert it to a basic terrain levels image. This image will contain only the cliffs of the map. Save the terrain levels image and edit it in an image editor, and fill areas surrounded by cliffs with the colour for that level. If multiple levels are needed, use the brighter colors in the image's palette. There are 4 elevation levels that can be used. Open the map in the File Converter again, and generate the height map, using the terrain levels image you created. Convert the final image to 65x65 height map, and save it as paletteless N64 IMG format. The detailed steps:
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      Open the map you want to make a height map for. The process works best if there's a .ini file with it that tells the program which theater the map is, and how big the actual used area on the map is. The ini file itself will not be accepted by the program, so open either the .bin file, or the already-converted .map for the N64.
      Open the "Convert" menu, go to "Height map generation", and select "To basic levels image (from map)". This option will only work if you have a map loaded.

      You will end up with an image which has a dark gray background, and only the cliffs on it, in a slightly brighter gray. Note that this is a paletted image with five colours; even if the image is later saved as high-colour, it will be matched back to these five colours to be interpreted as height levels.

      As you see, the image has some modifications compared to the original; the conversion takes the last terrain types encountered at the edges of the actually used portion of the map, and stretches them to the full frame. This is done so cliffs placed outside a map's border to control reinforcements would not influence the height map.
      Note that the image is not saved yet at this point, so press Ctrl+S and save it to disk.
      2. Create the height levels image:
      Now the real work. Open the saved image file in your favourite image editor, and connect the cliffs to form closed areas. To do this correctly, open the map itself in a map editor so you can see the directions of the cliffs, and see what kind of elevation each area should have. Here's my process in a few steps:

      It doesn't matter if the image is saved in high colours, but as noted before, the converter will match it back to the five colours in the original image's palette, so there's no use in making detailed slopes in this. Its only function is to separate the terrain into levels.
      For the record, the grey tints used for the five levels are:
      #000000 (R=0, G=0, B=0) : Pure black. Shouldn't be used, since water creates a slight depression into terrain, and you can't do that on the lowest level. #404040 (R=64, G=64, B=64) : Basic terrain. This will be the starting level on the image, and should be seen as lowest level you can use. #808080 (R=128, G=128, B=128) : Cliffs elevation #1 #C0C0C0 (R=192, G=192, B=192) : Cliffs elevation #2 #FFFFFF (R=255, G=255, B=255) : Cliffs elevation #3. Note that this is the highest possible level, and no more terrain details can be put on top of this. Rivers should work, though, since they decrease the terrain. Anyway, with that done, we end up with our terrain levels image:

      3. Creating the actual (64x64) height map
      Now we got our levels image this is fairly simple. Once again, load the map into the converter program. Open the "Convert" menu, go to "Height map generation", and now select "To height map using levels (from map)".

      It will ask you to select the height levels image. Select the final product of our work from the previous step.
      Now the real magic happens. It will generate an image that adapts the terrain to the new heights, and if your cliffs match your levels image correctly, it will make sharp elevations for the cliffs and smooth slopes for the openings where the level decreases on non-cliff terrain. Furthermore, the height of rivers and other water will be applied on each specific level.

      Once this step is done, feel free to save the image if you want to add some more specific tweaks to it, or fix any errors the generator might have made. If you think the map is good enough, though, you can continue straight to the next step.
      4. Converting the height map to the final format
      So we got a 64x64 height map image now, loaded into the converter. The N64 game not only needs the image to be 65x65, but also needs it saved in the specific paletteless IMG format.
      First things first: go to "Convert", "Height map generation", and select the final option: "To 65x65 height map image (from image)". As you see, this is the only option in there that doesn't use a C&C map as input but an image.

      Select it, and the 64x64 data will be centered in a 65x65 frame, creating smoother edges everywhere.

      Starting from v1.04, the image in the editor will automatically identify itself as paletteless N64 image, so all you need to do is press Ctrl+S to save it in the correct format.
      ...and that's it! You have your height map, ready to insert into the ROM. The name format the game looks for is exactly the same as for the .ini and the .bin, just with .img as file extension.
    • By Nyerguds
      Over at TiberiumWeb, Lin Kuei Ominae has been doing some very interesting experiments with triggers, and has come up with some neat ways to do stuff like making an AI-owned MCV move to a spot and deploy there, making reinforcements arrive on the Nod airstrip, and making a trigger to give a player money. I suggest you check it out
      Mind my replies though; Lin Kuei did make a couple of mistakes
    • By Lemon_sock
      First time using cncnet, I keep getting kicked whenever I join a game in the lobby but don't understand why. Sometimes I get a message saying no connection or problem with connection from one of the players. Or ping will come up with my name as NA. When I join a game in the lobby there's usually no green "I'm ready" button in the bottom left, it's only there if I try host a game (but then when I click it says waiting to connect, please try again in a few seconds or something).
      Can anyone advise, or help troubleshoot? I'm guessing there's a connection issue my end but dont know how to diagnose.
      (I have managed somehow to play two online games, no idea why it worked then but not most of the time).
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