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Attn: xwis players, open call for your maps


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Open call for your old maps!!


as players migrate here from xwis your saved maps in the xwis install be lost.


Please take a moment to zip or rar up your mpr's or your westwood/sun folder and email it to me.


we have 15 years of great maps please don't let them be lost!


I am posting them in the forum so we can forever enjoy them!


take a minute please and share.  If you do you will forever have them also.


rabidsnypr posted a bunch here  thanks for sharing! lets save the rest!!


send them to      [email protected]


I am amokk, and I approve this message










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what does that have to do with my collecting old maps?


nice aside but    off topic    in this thread


"I think more newer players should learn ww maps to integrate them more into the community"

communal integration, third door on the left

then out the door, down the street, round the corner, get on the freeway, and keep driving..........




excrement!      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjHORRHXtyI


so we are either part of 'the' community, or we are our own mod playing community.

go play with your apples, and let me enjoy my oranges.

and I think after 40,000 games of tezz some might want something different to play, I certainly do, and

we have 15 years of different cool, fun, interesting maps.

I would have quit playing 13 years ago if all there was was ww maps.

if I never play another ff again, I will still die a happy man


I never joined your 'community' of tezz and ff, but I have had so much freaking fun.

I took the road less traveled and that has made all the difference...  ;)








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Just trying to show any moddders reading this that if they should want to learn the game properly they should start with Westwood and not mods ... Then progress onto mods if they enjoy them more. Just look at players like kaizen and nod rescue they are excellent on mods but as soon as a Westwood player arrives with limited mod map experience they just become just another player. Just think it would help increase the skill level of th game more ????

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again, off topic here......



stay away from mods maps till you have achieved your full potential as a ts player,

they will corrupt you and you will not achieve your full potential as human beings

and you will end up homeless, poor, sick, an outcast shunned from society, a pariah.

no one will love you. you will die alone, young, 'just another player'  before you have a chance to enjoy life


you must learn to play the way micro deems is proper.  O most knowledgeable one thank you for letting us know what will satisfy us, what we are to like,

the very meaning of life!! we strayed from the true path.  forgive us,    we thought mod maps were enjoyable.!,      satisfying.!      we were blind!

I see now there is only your way, the proper way. we have wasted so many years of our lives playing mods, wasted years o how i wish i could have them back

we shall renounce mod maps till our skill has increased to your satisfaction then may we dip our toe into the pool? taste the sweet spice of variety

do what we want to, live as we desire, be able to decide what we enjoy??


You pompous ass.


....now that that is out of the way......


I did start with ww maps and was slow to migrate to mod maps

I enjoy them now and want to preserve the maps I have enjoyed for so many years

and share with those who might enjoy them if they like

so mind your own business, start you own thread. that bs has no place here.

so, again, you are off topic, shooo


Please send me your old maps before they are lost!

having them to play in the future will  'increase the enjoyment level of the game"




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Lol mola, you made my day, that is such a treat coming from you, since you like so much your MOD Tezz Vet map 😂.
Anyway, I just wanted to congrat you amokk for such a GREAT idea!
I love mod maps, always have, when you don't want to play so serious or just wanna chill, mods are the best! 
Back in 2003, I had so many maps that my pentium II would take 50mins, yes!...50 mins!!!... Since I clicked the TS icon till the moment I entered the online lobby.
There isn't much old players around here but the few that still remain, probably remember that the amount of mods available was just... ridiculous,i used to enter the games, download the map and surrender just to collect it and move to another (sorry if I did that to anyone here 😂), TS maps, TS Firestorm maps, "I had them all" . 
In 2011, I decided to sacrifice a whole week just to count and catalogue all the maps I had, I devided them in patches by name, of corse some of them had just a few changes, like different buildings or different tiberium colors or new units, but I still counted them all, reaching to the number of 850+ maps and of corse many more were lost, but still an impressive number wouldn't you say, was just insane(let me tell you that the ones that were equal I didn't count and deleted them) , In game I couldn't scroll them all. 
I saved them in my old Pc and in a portable  hard-drives, (big mistake...), my PC stopped working and my portable hard-drive niddle broke so I lost it all among other important things... 
A few years ago, I decided to try and fix my portable hard-drive in a specialized store where they asked me 5k?!... to do it, so I guess till that value goes down, all those maps will remain stored 😂😂
Amokk, if you ever see OUTLAWW or Scorpion1975, he's an old friend of mine, he has some maps you asking for and many more, recently I asked him if he had the map "unreal tournament map" which he had, I always loved that map, was good to play it again.
Hope you can gather a lot of old maps, would be awesome to play them again, keep it up! :)


I just noticed how old this thread was haha, sorry. 

Edited by mjvd2019
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I’m blowed away at finding the forum here. I spent many many hours playing Tiberian Sun and ALL of WW STUDIOS games. 

im about to break out my old gaming PC and see if I can save all of my old maps I had, the best mod map I played was Grays 😂 I loved that map.


thanks for ALL the memories guys!


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On 5/14/2020 at 11:32 AM, TekleMeElmo said:

I’m blowed away at finding the forum here. I spent many many hours playing Tiberian Sun and ALL of WW STUDIOS games. 

im about to break out my old gaming PC and see if I can save all of my old maps I had, the best mod map I played was Grays 😂 I loved that map.


thanks for ALL the memories guys!



Please share your old ones. you can zip them and post them or email them.

Gray's is in that map pack download.



Edited by amokk
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