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Need help, Yuri's Revenge on 4K Monitor haves mouse glitch

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Hello there.


Today i recieved my new Samsung U28D590D LED UHD 4K 28Inch 3840x2160 Monitor.


I tried to see if i could play Yuri's Revenge on CncNet.


3840x2160  Resolution crashes the game but even if it would work the resolution would be too high to play this game.


When i put resolution at 1920x1080 it displays the game correctly on my screen but i cant move my mouse to the leftside of the screen.


I can move it to the entire right side but not to the leftside.


Is there anything i need to do to fix this mouse issue ?. Any suggestions and ideas are welcome.


Video of the issue: http://www.mediafire.com/watch/n7we8lvddgv12mv/20150326_002249.mp4




EDIT: Setting my desktop resolution to 1920x1080 and running the game in windowed mode with custom resolution ScreenWidth=1530. ScreenHeight=840 in ra2md.ini fits my screen perfect and i can move my mouse all over the place again.


Set my desktop resolution to 3840x2160 and running game in windowed mode with custom resolution makes the window resolution even ScreenWidth=1920 ScreenHeight=1060.

But using this second method makes the game just a bit laggy so i might just keep using the first one.


Still if there might be a better solution it's always welcome.


Thank you for your time.  :)

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Make sure you have this dll in your game directory: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x10hvfosgn0k0mp/ddraw.dll?dl=0


Iran gave me that .dll file before. i was already using it. It fixes the game speed.


I dont have problem with game speed this is just a mouse glitch (while in game) i cant move my mouse to right side of screen. and also not to bottom.


I was using a 1920x1080 Full HD 22.5inch monitor before with no problems. now i use a 4K Ultra HD 28inch


Mouse problem started after i started using the new monitor.  Any more ideas ?

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The map size. Resolutions larger than the map size will bug out the engine, and possibly make it crash.

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