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You watch anime?




Well..going out of topic. it was a hit anime made in 2005 called fate stay night 25 spisodes and very nice, with genres such as magic, action, drama, suspense etc plus the poster i have put is the alternate reality remaking of this anime named unlimited blade works :) that being the movie.


Btw there are 3 realities of this anime,


1. Anime version

2. This movie named unlmited blade works which was released 2 days ago, and

3. Still not made but in manga form.


There! almost forgot this anime is in the top 20 check anime news network for ratings :).

Woah went totally off topic there hope tore doesnt kill me. :P


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25 episodes? Awesome, I gotta check that out. I hate series that drag on forever, like Naruto and One Piece and such. It's just, well, too much... if the episode numbers go past 120, count me out :P


For the rest, I watch tons of anime :)


btw, posts merged. Next time, please use the modify.gifEdit button. It's there for a reason.


And bah, I'm a moderator too, and I asked you about it. In my opinion, posting desktops is just seeing what other people are interested in, so I don't see why it would be bad to talk some more about these interests ;)

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Hehe guess so since u like animes tht dont drag so long id recommend gungrave as well which is also dubbed in english excellent mafia action suspense anime! Need any more good anime names let me know cause im probably the best source you can find.  8)

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