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Error when launching game

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I tried to help my friend to get the CnCNet client working. Installation went without problems and able to get into the lobby.

But whenever launching a game his game crashes; the "Main executable for Yuri's Revenge" error pops up and everything closes down.

Made no difference if joining or hosting a game or on a different map. Also tried all settings.

OS is Windows XP, run as admin. Both RA2 and Yuri installed from CD. No other apps running. Games loaded fine on xwis.

Any ideas?

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The YR executable requires a Win98 compatibility setting to work on XP, and as the file in question has a


extension, it's not as trivial to configure as it might seem at first. Please refer to this post where I showed a method to accomplish this.



(Mods: perhaps it might make sense to have that info pinned somehow, as that thread inevitably got buried while the issue is likely expected to be creeping up every now and then.)

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