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Allies vs GDI vs Nod vs Soviet Crossover!


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I want to find out what's going on with bridges being indestructable in RA now before I release any new maps or versions of maps, but here's a new XO related rules set to paste into your own maps to have fun with.


Crossed Up Vehicles (No tanks)


8 different factions:

Greece (Blue) = Allies

Russia (Red) = Soviets

Spain (Yellow) = GDI

Germany (Gray) = Nod

Ukraine (Orange) = Dune

England (Green) = LoTeks

Turkey (Brown) = Long Arm

France (Teal) = Special Ops

(default color when a nation's things are placed in a map)

(No country bonuses)


Maps will be named XV-...

No light, medium, heavy, mammoth, or mad tanks.

Chrono Tanks changed to something else.

Tesla Tanks changed to look like Radar Jammers as in the original counterstrike missions and always had same stats as RJ.

Replacing those standard tanks allows me to have the other units have their own graphics and stats for RA and TD factions.  So you have SSM's and V2's separate from each other as well as all three different cars.

Team games should be interesting.

Airfield not available til tech level 7.  Practically all vehicles available by TL7.  Naval stuff TL 8 and up.


Dune settings are there but commented out for units (actual strength is divided by 10 to fit RA's scale).

Ships toned down a bit.

Tesla toned down (Obelisk str, armor, range & Tesla damage, spread, ROF).

Gun turret old values with Aftermath mplayer's cost.

C&C units and RA units keep specific differences.  A Nod artillery is even different from an Allies artillery.  TD vehicles have slower ROF for machinegun than RA ones.

Comparison of speeds: Bike > Humm-vee & Buggy > Allies & GDI APC's > Ranger.

Other values averaged between the games or averaged/weaker values there but commented out.

Crates same settings as regular RA, but unused GFX used.

No chance of stealth crates and subs are only stealth units so you don't have to worry about people hiding stuff with short game off.

All get airfield, Grenadiers, Mechanic, Thief, Spy, Tanya, Commando, Dogs, Mine Layer, Missile Silo.

4 factions get demo truck. 5 factions get Allied barracks and 4 factions get Soviet barracks (LoTeks have both).  5 teams get Ship Yard and 4 get Sub Pen (Long Arm gets both), but they require dome. 5 teams get gap generator.  All get fake structures but no fake naval structs. 5 get GPS (and not all the same five that get Gap Gen).  6 get Chronosphere which doesn't kill passengers and 2 get Iron Curtain.

Most vehicles require nothing extra or just dome.


Chrono Tank and Phase Transport merged into one unit that only Special Ops gets.  Chronoshifts instead of cloaking, but passenger can only get out of it by vehicle being destroyed.  Also it's missile turret doesn't show up since CTnk doesn't have a turret so it just looks like an APC.  Because GDI APC's replaces normal Phase Transport it doesn't have to turn to face since it has an invisible turret that does but its ROF is slower than Allies APC.  Crusher is set to no but since it's currently ignored by the game, Rangers and Humm-vees can squish infantry.

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Here's  a Crossed Up Vehicles map...


The RA Counterstrike stock map Czech Mate with it changed from snow to winter.

This differs a little from xv.txt:

Single engineer capture instead of taking two.

Faster ore growth (every 30 sec instead of 2 min).

Min 2 crates and no water crates.

Naval disabled since it's a landlocked map.

11 min paravehicle charge time.


It's a tankless job but someone has to do it.


EDIT: Map updated to v2.1


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  • 2 weeks later...

Major updates.  See xoeditlog.


GDI and Nod now have their cyclone fences.  Gave it image=FENC which gives it the barbed wire icon but doesn't change its graphics when it shows up in the game or maps, probably due to its gfx being in each theater's mix instead of the general mix.


Went through matching up projectiles data to TD, though commented out in some rule sets.  And Weapon speeds matched better to TD (which sets it under the projectiles rather than weapons) despite its different scale.  Some weapons are accurate like TD instead of inaccurate as in RA.  TD has one more heatseaker than RA so I had to average some arming time and rate of turning.


Fine tuned fire weapon damages and warhead %'s, so in TDish rules it's the effectively the same damage as TD and flame tower is a little toned down.  Alt rules, it's matched best to both TD and RA except the Flame tower is a little stronger against light armor.  Other standardish xo, just set it to exact numbers with TD taking priority over RA numbers, except napalm and scud both up at dam 115 to display largest fire and flame tower is a little stronger vs light armor.  In maps with more regular RAish XO rules I usually set scud dam higher or sometimes restore the v2 (to content with ships), but in these txt files I make matching the SSM the priority.  You can always change it to your liking.


Gun Turret cost raised to 600.  Could have sworn it was 250 when I copied values from dos C&C's game.dat viewing it in ccedit.

In regular XO it's set to aftermath's mplayer.ini values.


Also in Xed up Vehicles, I raised minimum crates and chance of getting a unit, and then set it to 0% chance of water crates.  You can uncomment a line that the unit from a crate is always an APC, but then you probably can't get a MCV when you need one, unless the game logic overrides whatever when you have no base left maybe...?


Also though commented out in most, set infantry death for super warhead (tesla/obelisk) to burn instead of electro.


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Ah-ha!  I'm knew I wasn't as crazy as I thought I might be.  I saw it while I still have human eyes....


Gun turrets do only cost $250 in dos C&C, so I wasn't wrong in setting it that way, but I'm usually keeping the Cost=600 for balance and to be the same as the Tiberium Dawn everyone is playing now.


Original dos C&C stats:

TechLevel=2, Cost=250, Power=-20

Its weapon: Damage=40, ROF=60,Speed=100(RA40)


C&C95 or some modern updates increased Cost=600


RA improved ROF=50 but set TechLevel=4, Power=-40


Aftermath's mplayer made it really nasty, better than a mammoth tank's dual cannons while raising Cost=800, Power=-55

Damage=60, ROF=35, Speed=50


It always had Range=6, better than the tanks.


But three of the old dos C&C turrets with ROF=60 for a total of $750 is a better deal than one $800 AM MP turret, except for when map terrain only permits one or two reaching out most on a peninsula or between ridges or what have you.


The gun turret always had 400 strength.  Not knowing TD's internal value of 200 was doubled making it 400 just the same, I originally had it averaged at 300 which wasn't right while I had the cost at 250.


So I'm keeping the TD stats with cost=600 for any TDish rules.  Improving ROF to 50 in alt or other rules, and in regular RAish XO giving the AM MP stats, although maybe sometimes in maps I'll give it the dos C&C cost and stats.  Otherwise it's just appropriate for single player stuff, such as the Great Wall skirmish vs AI map I released on the single player maps forum.


Also here's info on the TDish weapon speed and projectiles settings I put into the rulesets:




Speed=40  ;override mplayer.ini






;Averaged between HS2 and 3

;Accurate Bazooka


;  TD to RA
; 100 = 40 to 50
;  60 = 25 to 30
;  40 = 16
;  30 = 12 
;  12 = 5
; mostly .4 or .416
; so lower 50 to 40
; and 30 to 25 to match TD

;Weapspd ~ 100 = 40

; Free Rocket Over Ground
;WeapSpeed~40 = 16

[HeatSeeker] ;Averaged between 2 and 3
;Weapspd ~ 60 

;[HeatSeeker] ;Bazooka
;Weapspd ~ 60 = 25

;[HeatSeeker2] ;Mammoth,Gunboat,AGT, Not in RA
;Weapspd ~ 60 = 30

;[HeatSeeker3] ;MRLS, Not in RA
;Weapspd ~ 60

[LaserGuided] ;Accurate Bazooka and Destroyer

;Weapspd ~ 100 = 50

;Weapspd ~ 12 = 5

; dropped from plane tumbling object
;Weapspd ~ 12 = 5

; arcing ballistic projectile
;Weapspd ~ 30 = 12




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Updated everything again.  See editlog.


The most important thing is that the flame tank/fire ant's double flame shot is much quicker together in RA making its firing rate faster than TD despite the same setting of ROF=50.  So I timed it in both games on normal speed to find the right ROF to make the overall firing rate the same.

And added this:


; Second shot comes quick so match TD overall timing








XOTDpure acts the way I wanted with tech levels now. Up to 7 you just have TD stuff except Allies and Soviets having their different land vehicles. 8 through 10 add the rest of RA stuff (actually set to TL 11 through 13 to appear on 8 through 10).  Still not sure how RA translates the tech levels you set but at least this behaves how I intended.


In TDpure since there's no RA stuff and it can be sacrificed, the Rocket Launcher can have its own heatseeker projectile with different arm and ROT.

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Argh!  Found out that RA ignores whatever %'s you set under warhead [nuke] and uses those under [fire] for it.  So I inadvertently weakened the nuke in lowering fire %'s and upping the weapon damages to do the same amount to balance TD and RA stuff have stuff have the biggest fire at dam 115 while doing the same as dam 100 with old %'s.


So while I had balanced nuke damage with CY str&armor for it be destroyed with a chance of surviving and Adv Power to always survive in TDish rules and XOalt, that just got messed up as I played with fire %'s and I gotta figure out new values or revert the fire%'s for those rules.


Also MGG speed should be 7 in XV.  It should be the same speed as a Russian Heavy Tank.

And I'd like to make it 6 in XOTDish alt even though a heavy tank is 5 in that.  Since they're 5 in TDish rules to be slower than other tanks at 6 and of course 7 in regular RA&XO, just to be in between like I averaged arty, harv, and MCV in xoalt.


Well once I figure the nuke & fire damage dilemma and do some  more overall testing, version 2.0 of most XO maps will be ready to release as well as some XO maps for Red Dawn featuring capturable airfields in some.


UPDATE: Figured out new nuke and str&AR values.

TDpure and XOTDpure: 550 dam nuke, CY 800&wood as in TD, AdvPwr 700&wood as in RA.

XOTD and XOAlt: 1000 dam nuke, CY and AdvPwr both 900&light.


Gap generator settings from Aftermath's mplayer.ini put into all rule sets.

All tech level changes for Chronosphere and Iron Curtain removed.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Finally figured out how RA tech levels work:

Tech Levels


in Game = Things' TL Set in Rules

      1 = 1 or 2

      2 = 3 or 4

      3 = 5

      4 = 6 or 7

      5 = 8

      6 = 9

      7 = 10

      8 = 11

      9 = 12

    10 = 13


Major update with other changes.  See editlog.  I feel really good about these now and I think got the TDpure/XOTDpure as close to TD as possible.


A rare regular RA glitch was still lingering.  If Soviets build a helipad, then capture an airfield

(though the airfield was allied owned placed in a map), a nonfunctional option to build rocket copters would appear.  To prevent this, absolutely all aircraft are set to Owner=allies,soviet

and who can build them is controlled through prereqs - afld for all planes and hpad for all copters.

Prereq of tent or barr added to divide among teams.


Definitely redownload tdpure.txt:

Stupid typo! Down by warheads, meant to have Dino bites commented out but had : instead of ;

May just be ignored by game, but I'm really sorry for such an oversight.




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Jumping in with some real life stuff here not very relevant, but for those who want to know:


And the MLRS can be loaded with quite a variety of ammunition, including one large missile per rocket pod. The SSM is definitely based on the MLRS chassis.


The "MRLS" in C&C is clearly based on the M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System. The MLRS is based on the chassis of the M2 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle.


The M270 has two slots: A slot can either be fitted with 6 rockets filled with different types of ammunition (most of the time armed with cluster munitions) or 1 ATACMS missile with varying ammunition.


Firing "normal" rocket https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f7/Army_mlrs_1982_02.jpg

Firing ATACMS https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d6/ATACMSMay2006.jpg


The "SSM" as depicted in C&C doesn't exist. Though all MLRS in real life are SSM's firing from the surface to the surface. The MLRS cannot fire at or target aircraft, but low flying ones could potentially be hit by one if they are unlucky. 


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  • 2 weeks later...

My web host of about 13 years is closing person pages right about two months from now.


So my C&C page is now at http://xo.cncguild.net hosted by http://cncguild.net/ on http://revora.net


I've updated all rule sets with just some little tweaks mainly to tech levels for RA stuff, but mostly importantly I more accurately determined the charge time setting for TD style napalm airstrikes.  A setting of 8 rather than 6 more accurately matches TD's normal speed charge of about 5:40.  And increasing the nuke charge from 13 to 14 also matches the time just over 10 minutes just about exactly.


Most maps have been updated to v2.0 and some Red Dawn versions have been released!  Arena Valley currently left unupdated is the only one that doesn't have custom paratroopers.


I've attached all the new rules here in one big zip and also individually.


EDIT: reuploaded XV.txt (others already had this fix)

Added Verses=100%,3%,3%,3%,3% under [HollowPoint]

For some reason if you don't have that or the RA %'s and add Spread=4 so the sniper doesn't suck against moving soldiers, the sniper rifle and colt45 will do heavy damage to vehicles.

I don't know what's increasing it beyond RA's normal Verses=100%,5%,5%,5%,5%.

But having the values in a map fixes or overrides or prevents it.  This happened before while I was working Red Dawn maps even though that uses Organic for the sniper with the low %'s set to zeros.

I see nothing in spawn.xdp or spawnam.xdp (plain txt rules used by CNCnet) in either game that's doing this either.


Also XV-Czech Mate was updated to v2.1 to fix that, add more ore to map, and change the Longbow (which is an Apache) and Apache which look identical to Orca and Hind.

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There really isn't much of an install.


If it's a .txt file, then it's rules to paste into a map you made.


If it's a .mpr file whether downloaded from the pages of this thread or from my site, then it's a complete map with whatever custom mod rules already in it.  Just copy any .mpr into your Red Alert 1 folder.  Then run CNCNet or its MPlauncher.  Start an online game and my map will be listed under all maps, probably near the bottom since they start with XO- or XV-.  Or to just play it yourself, use CNCnet's skirmish mode.  When you start up CNCnet, if there's an option for "Offline skirmish" (not just "play offline"), choose that.  If it says "play offline" that won't work since that doesn't load the needed spawn1.mix file included in CNCnet.  In that case, choose play online but then choose skirmish there instead of logging in.


Don't want the maps?  Then just delete whatever .mpr file.  My mod doesn't change anything in your RA install because they're just maps that only have the game changes while you play them specifically.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Important Fix to tdpure.txt only.


Mobile Rocket Launcher couldn't fire at ground units and probably not over walls.

Projectile Ack needed AG=yes and High=yes.

The Red Dawn version tested fine since RD's rules already have those.  But copying and pasting my changes to TDpure.txt for regular RA those were needed to override its setting of AG=false.

Also set Crusher=no for Rocket Launcher, SSM, and Artillery to match TD but that's ignored in

current CnCnet or RA95.exe anyway.



Three Minor changes to everything else:

All except Lunar and XV:

Slowed Infantry flamer to ROF=53.

It's 50 in TD and RA but RA has quicker animation making it faster.


TDpure, XOTDpure, XOTD, XOalt, XV:

Crusher=no for Mobile Rocket Launcher, SSM, and Artillery

In other rule sets I deleted any crusher setting.

But currently crusher is ignored by CnCnet or the RA exe.


TDpure, XOTDpure, XOTD:

Any rule set where badger bomber is changed to A10 WartHog dropping napalm


Some I already had it at 3.

Apparently it always was three planes for TD's airstrike but due to a glitch they

often appear in the exact same spot making it appear to be only one or two.










tdpure.txt xo.txt xoalt.txt xoeditlog.txt xolunar.txt xotd.txt xotdpure.txt xv.txt xorules.zip

Edited by Eisengeist
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  • 4 years later...

Just updated nearly every file on the previous post and on my site: http://xo.cncguild.net or https://gokuma.neocities.org/

Fixed a couple weapon warheads to what they should be (Advanced Guard Tower and Mobile Rocket Launcher should have HE for warhead while the weapons I set them to had AP in the normal rules.   So I added the proper Warhead=HE to override it under [APTusk] used by MRLS and [Hellfire] used by AGT in the rules:

That just leaves the problem of Chronotank's having HE instead of AP since I made them use the Mammoth Tank's missiles instead of APTusk.   I'm just out of weapons to juggle there unfortunately.

Except XV - Cross Up Vehicles rules and maps were just fine.

And Lunar rules always had the Chronotank still set to APTusk which is supposed to be AP in those rules, but Advanced Guard Tower needed to be fixed.

Also way back I made an expanded XS-Break Ownz These Crates? with custom rules.   (I had nothing to do with the original Break Ownz at Crates.)   It was on my Sole Survivor in RA page but I don't think many people saw it so I added it to my main CNC XO page.  I figure I'll put here too.


Edited by Eisengeist
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