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C&C95/Tiberian Dawn- getting multiple triggers to fire from one event

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I was making a map and I wanted like 10 things to occur simultaneously when a certain event happened.  I wanted 3 player hovercraft, 3 player chinooks, and 3 enemy chinooks to all reinforce upon destruction of a particular house.  If you look at the WW maps there are no examples of this ever occurring, but I had a feeling it was possible.  Certain triggers can make this possible.  In this example map it's the 'buildings destroyed' trigger.  Blow up the house 'special' comm center and you'll be reinforced 4 chinooks unloading 5 minigunners apiece at 4 separate waypoints.  It woks like this:


















So far, I've gotten this to work with "all destroyed," "buildings destroyed," "# of buildings destroyed," and I'm suspecting "units destroyed" and "# of unts destroyed" work as well.  Oddly, "house discovered" doesn't seem to work.

On the particular map I was working on, (not the attached example) I had "buildings destroyed" reinforce the hovercraft which ran over celltriggers reinforcing the chinooks and "All destroyed" reinforces the enemy chinooks.  I wanted there to be a slight delay in the events so my computer didn't explode.  :) have a nice day!


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I guess "house discovered" just triggers the first time a house is discovered, whereas the others are part of a constant system checking the amount of remaining stuff on the map...

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