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How to remove repeated maps from game?

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hi, i make many maps, and am always updating/fixing them (as is necessary with maps that are heavy on the triggers/teamtypes/AI)


but the problem is not for me, it is for other people, they go to search "FF Tower Defense" and they find like 30 different versions (because sometimes i need to make 1 tiny, quick change by accident), the game should only remember the original version (ZTime.MPR), instead of creating a new random hash (92a34r90jwf90qdgsaj49g0j90.MPR) every time i update my map.


When I update my map ZTime.MPR, and play it with someone, it should overwrite THEIR ZTime.MPR instead of creating 50 new 239gfm389fnnd783n2mfjf9.MPR.


Sure i could add new version numbers everytime i update, but it gets tedious, and the result is everyone STILL has 40 different versions to sort through.

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On 7/30/2015 at 7:08 AM, TheCanadianFaker said:

sigh, okay :P


i guess its my fault for adding things like FINAL to my maps when they were not final XD

The way I do it is create a folder called MapDev or something in the maps directory, then I have my 30 different versions in there.  Once I am happy with the map, I then move it into the custom folder.  Also makes it easier to find what im testing as in the cnc client I just choose the MapDev folder for a dropdown of my maps :)

On 11/25/2016 at 8:31 AM, hgjcool said:

how to delete map ,in cncnet software?

Assuming you're on Windows, go to the directory C:\Games\CnCNet\RedAlert1_Online\Maps 

or where ever you have installed Red alert.

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