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Dawn of the Tiberium Age (DTA)

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You can release the latest version now because it's December 1st somewhere in the world right now :P

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First of all, thanks again for another big update with all the new missions, units and fixes; my weekend is all set :). But just a couple of things...


Weird 'Restart' button error and bug:

1.Main Menu -> Load Game -> (choose saved game) -> Abort Mission -> Restart -> internal error.


   Main Menu -> New Mission -> (choose mission) -> Load Game (of same mission) -> Abort Mission -> Restart -> no problem.


2. Main Menu -> New Mission -> (choose mission) -> (load a DIFFERENT mission) -> Abort Mission -> Restart -> loads up the PREVIOUS mission :D.

Could 2 be related to 1 perhaps? I'm not sure if the previous versions had this problem.

I know that I probably should have asked for this before the release of the latest update, but I only remembered now :P:

  1. Any chance you guys can make the 'invisible', for a lack of a better term, waypoints (currently defaulted to Q) changeable? I'd like to be able to change it to Z, like in RA2/YR, or SHIFT like in Starcraft 2. I don't really use the 'fixed' waypoints (currently defaulted to Z) except in Tiberian Sun when making flying units patrol areas.
  2. Also, same with the attack-move hotkey (currently defaulted to Ctrl + Alt), can we have this changeable as well please in the next update if possible? I'd like to be able to change this to just ONE key instead of two, like A or something.
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Hmm, those restart issues might be tricky to fix. We'll look into them.

AFAIK Q and Ctrl + Alt are unfortunately hard-coded and cannot be easily changed, since there are no Keyboard.ini entries for them.

Edited by Rampastring

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