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Tiberian Dawn for Pros (part 1)

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[move]IMPORTANT!!! This campaign will NOT work with the stripped down cncnet version of C&C.  You must have Nyerguds' full version!! [/move]


Ah.... at long last, the first leg of my massive project of replacing all 50 C&C original campaign missions.  Here we have both Nod & GDI missions 1-4 with alternates.  13 missions in total so far which are meant to run concurrently with the original game's storyline. For example, in GDI mission 1, you are escorting Nikoomba back to his village safely (where in the original game Nod mission 1, you then kill him.)  I tried my best to make these low-tech missions as interesting as possible, and I'm really pleased with the results! :) 


How to play? Simply download the .mix file into your c&c directory and select "Start New Game."  (this screen:)



The missions are meant to take place worldwide and not just in Africa or Europe, but I just never got around to replacing the map select screen..... maybe someday!  Someday, also in fantasy land, I'd really like to make all new briefing videos.


Instead of screenshots, I just made a "trailer" for the whole bloody project:



Known bugs:

If you're crazy like me and try to play it in DOS c&c, you may get a few minor graphical errors.  For some reason, there seem to be a few missing "template" tiles in the DOS version.  I usually play singleplayer with ddraw switched off, and the only time I ever got a crash was when I was trying to record with ddraw enabled.  Maybe it was just bad luck?  You're on your own if you try playing this at a resolution higher than 1020x768 -- all bets are off at that point and you're likely to have a crash.......


And PLEASE let me know if you find any bugs, hate it, love it or whatever..... YOUR FEEDBACK HELPS!! (I really honest to god was trying to not make these missions too difficult!)



EDIT*** Oh yeah, I forgot to credit cn2mc for Nod mission 3eb.  He totally designed the terrain/map and I just adapted his basic concept to this version of the mission.  Here is the original.  :)


ALSO: Special thanks to everyone who tested the maps and gave me all the awesome feedback.  Kilkakon, White, Gifts, Jacko, RC1985, Chimas, cn2mc---- I think that's everyone........ THANK YOU!!!




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Hey Matt,

I'm back designing my Nod's ToF.

When I get a new mission for testing I'll let you know. Check your e-mail, I've sent some msgs.

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I downloaded your pros patch,worked fine,but after finishing fourth GDI mission its skipped me to a original campaign.I beat 4th mission A and B but 5th mission,(Czech Republic) is from original campaign.Even 6 mision,7,8...Can you help me?

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Yes, being part 1, it only goes through mission 4, then resumes the regular campaign.  I'm almost finished through mission 9 on both sides, so I plan on updating soon and I'm super stoked on the new maps.  Honestly, I posted these so I could get input on whether they suck or not.  Keep in mind that all of the uploaded missions have alternates, too.  Coming soon!

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Yup, that's correct.  Time allowing, I'd like to make briefings/cutscenes to replace the originals.  I've already had success getting my own videos to play in-game.  Lol, I even bought some tank and hummer models to do some stop-motion:


Yes, everyone else, this video for the millionth time ;)

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