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Nexus 5 Screen Replacement?


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Umm, I just completely shattered my Nexus 5 (not just a crack, the phone fell on the pavement and slid away a couple of meters).  :ranting:


The thing is, the glass is kind of glued/fused together to the LCD module itself. So just replacing the glass would be hella difficult I'd imagine but would cost only 20 €. A complete replacement LCD module is 80 €.


I guess I'll go with the latter one. Does anyone have any experiences?



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i wouldnt spend 80 bucks for a new screen, hell for like 120-140 bucks i can tell you what phones to buy that are better than that nexus 5 youve got now.

Which ones would that be?


Anyways, I already ordered a replacement screen for 80 € yesterday. It got delivered today but I wasn't at home. I'll pick it up at the post office later. So yeah, will post back on how the transplant went when I'm done.  :D


This is what the Nexus 5 looks like now, it's still fully functional, BTW.


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Had a small prolem and hence, delay.


I literally transferred everything into the new screen/frame already (new screen modules come with side frame mounted - which is handy because old one was battered too).


Anyways, while I transferred everything - I couldn't really pry the battery out (it's glued in and I didn't want to puncture it). So I ordered a new one which seems just arrived as the post girl threw something into my box.


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Battery was indeed in my postbox. Had a good look at it. Looks kinda legit, though it's probably just a well made fake. We'll see.


Anyways, I've had all parts in the new frame already though I had to fiddle a little with the bottom PCB as it didn't allow the cover to close but I got that fixed by pushing it down a little harder.





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Yes, it's working again!  :D


The photos are kinda blurry (bad light) haven't seen anything wrong with the screen, so far. Very crisp and looks exactly like my old one.


Tested both front and rear cameras... OK. Tested mic... OK. Tested phone speaker... OK. Tested speaker... OK. Tested screen rotation sensor (accelerometer)... OK. Tested proximity sensor... OK. Ambient light sensor... OK. Notification LED... OK.


Compass isn't working too well anymore, it works somewhat but loses orientation quickly as you turn it (it worked really well before). I hope it fixes itself over time.


Didn't test the GPS yet (I'm pretty sure it works though).


Was it worth it? Hell, yes, I love my Nexus 5! Was it a lot of work? You betcha it was hell of a lot of research and work to not damage anything! I was actually stupid enough to not backup my data before I took the phone apart, when I realized that I knew I had no other option but to somehow get it working again.  :laugh:






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  • 2 weeks later...

Just a small follow up. My Nexus 5 is going strong as ever!  :D


It has got Android 6.0 since 10 days.  :)



i wouldnt spend 80 bucks for a new screen, hell for like 120-140 bucks i can tell you what phones to buy that are better than that nexus 5 youve got now.

Which ones would that be?

I would still like to know which 140 € phone is better than the Nexus 5. Hint: there is none.






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