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winning ladder

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Hopefully in a future iteration, but right now we're focussing on crunching bugs of the first release.

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the work you are doing is really great, but I did not understand, when you put in place the ladder and since they are the first I have the chance to win or medal or a trophy? and the clans are really cool: D

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you should also not dodge other players sexpro, as you've done twice.

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;*) YOU WOULD HAVE NEVER BEATEN SEX4KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;*)

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sexpro isnt sex4king



Per link posted above, what's coming:


"Release version - 1.1


Save Player Records

Award player for top 3 finish:Gold, Silver, Bronze.

Store Player Rank in player obj that can be displayed into UI.

HTML 5 Mode - rewrite hashtags

In planning


Player listings

Show top 50 player rankings for each game, allow sorting by rank, points, wins, losses.

Should have option to reveal quickfire stats

Player detail

Show a players profile rank badge

Show a players rank name, e.g 'Colonel' under Rank#

Show a players estimated calculation of wins/losses required for promotion/demotion.

Show list of players game

The id of the game, outcome of game, experience gained

Game Resolution Parser

Automatically detect match stats leader on disconnect or out of sync games


Players can create and join clans to compete on a clan ladder"

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