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Injecting juice through 27 G pins... difficult... what about thin walled 30 G?


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Hello guys,


So in my quest to create less scar tissue (and make injecting less painful) I walked into a pharmacy today. Asked for 30G x 1/2" needles without syringe "for my Insulin". Which, I don't take Insulin, BTW. The smallest needle size they had was 27G x 1/2". I was already using 26G x 1/2" and next injection was today, so I thought okay, then how much do you want for these? She says 25 ct/piece, I'm like uhh, that's pretty expensive. She's like okay, I can go down to 20 ct/piece, how many do you want? I'm like I'd take 10 and we settle for 15 ct/piece.


Pharmacies are really weird in this regard. I've only come across 2 kinds of pharmacies, the kind and the selfish ones. The kind ones will sell you pins for 10 ct/piece (100 piece pack for 5 €) while the selfish ones will ask for 25 ct/piece. Mind you, this is needle only with no syringe! Needles generally cost the pharmacy less than or just about 2 ct/piece (they're really cheap).


Some pharmacists, only the younger chicks though will then also look at you like you're a poor dog who is gonna inject Heroin or something with them... The older pharmacists are much more understanding.


But anyways, I get home and realize those pins expired 2015-03. I'm like fuck, that's not cool because they usually last like 5+ years! But I'm still gonna use them, I mean, they're capped inside with a tight fitting plastic cap and it's not like they can spoil unless they were drowned in fluid or something.


So I prepare injection, stick the needle in and start pressing the plunger... Well, it actually was less painful than the 26 G but dude it felt like the needle had clogged. It was incredibly hard to squeeze the oil through the needle and it took way over a minute to squeeze the 1 ml out. Didn't expect it would be so much harder with just minimally thinner diameter. I have heard of people injecting juice with 30 G pins before so that's why I wanted to try it too and I'm pretty sure 30 G will have thinner walls - can anyone confirm this?


I've attached pictures for comparison - they are visibly just a little thinner (I guess they have the same wall strength though) so they seem to have a lot smaller hole in the middle, is this maths at play here?  :P



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Ugh, dude. No one wants to know what you stab in your veins.

Hey Nyer, I'm sorry you feel that way. I'm trying to create a variety of topics that everyone can post his/her input in to keep the forums lively.  :)


  • Nexus 5 shattered screen, self-made smartphone repairs
  • Maths, Physics, ...
  • What do you want to become when you've grown up?
  • Steroids
  • What are you listening to?


... and so on...


Also, this might come as a surprise to you, but steroids aren't injected into veins. In fact, you try to avoid hitting a vein by aspirating before you inject. Pretty much any injectable steroid is oil-based, meaning the steroid is dissolved in an oil (olive oil, cottonseed oil, etc.). If you inject that directly into a vein you're going to have a bad day. Instead, steroids are injected into a muscle or very much any other tissue works as well, assuming you're lean I don't really see a problem (I wouldn't inject it into a layer of 2 centimeters of fat, though).



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