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Tiberian Sun 1v1 Tournament with Cash prizes.

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It was 7 in row then i got tired n got my 1st lose :D, time is way off here in EU.

Anyway bill wasnt gd, he was an average player.


Middlesky was pretty good, but he just got rekt by me. He was never  a 10/10.

I played Dachshaft and ziege alot, they were a solid 2v2 team like top n tiger. Schaft was better, and i played him a lot, ziege wasn't as good in 1v1s and we played alot aswell.

all those players mentioned are good players and all won / lost games. Ive beaten them all, 1v1 2v2s.

But its all besides the point, i think the top players who game today, are very similar level to the old school top players. But that's just my opinion.

Trz is a gd player and has solid 1v1 gameplay and decent 2v2.

People should just look at gameplay and stop whining mixing personal feelings in.





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