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* NEW RELEASE * Command & Conquer REDUX for RA1

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On 15.4.2017 at 4:25 PM, TaxOwlbear said:

I'll give it a go later today.

Did you tested this? :cncsmirk: Feedback from players is important to me in order to find out what works and what don't.

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DOWNLOAD HERE: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i6ciqk4c9tzho2r/CCRDX.rar?dl=0


Here's a changelist:


- Fixed graphics on GDI: In The Nick Of Time -mission, Nod: The Fist of Black Hand -mission; Removed forest since it does not match with Desert -theater.
- Fixed Riflemen icon: It is now Rifleman.
- Fixed Heavy MLRS tech level and prerequisites (both single- and multiplayer has a different ones, so AI has a chance to build it on skirmish).
- Reduced the size of GDI's Leopard MBT. It does not leave trails anymore.
- Added Tiberium for Jungle -theater.
- Added several new multiplayer maps.
- Added new mini-campaign; The War of North-Africa. It replaces Siberian Conflict -mini campaign.
- Added new custom missions for 'GDI: Havoc got a present for ya' and 'Nod: Ambush of Hak'tyl railroad'.
- Added Cave -terrain.
- Added new building: Adv. Guard Tower as GDI defense structure.
- Added upgraded version of Desert -terrain. Thanks for Tschokky from CNCnet.org.
- Added proper infantry and tiberium graphics to RAED.
- Updated hitpoints for GDI Hum-Vee and Nod VBL Buggy.
- Updated hitpoints for Temple of Nod.
- Updated Plasma Tank weapon.
- Updated values of GDI Leopard MBT and Nod Slammer Tank.
- Updated Nod Flamethrower values.
- Lowered techlevel of Nod SAM-Site.
- Raised Obelisk of Light tech-level.


Have fun! :cnc3:

Edited by Salvation

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A next version is currently work-in-progress. There will be new missions as well as new units and dozens of new things.


But now i need a community opinion. I made some graphic adjustments to Mammoth Tank (new black barrels). What do you guys think? Worth of using it?


See attached images.

new mammoth.png

new mammoth 2.png

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Today, October 14th is the day when creation of Command & Conquer REDUX was began a year ago. During this time, i've learned much about mission creation: What means Global Set, how to get autocreate working accurately. Since the beginning, i've also learned new tricks about graphics editing, the upcoming version of CCRDX consist a new version of Mammoth Tank which was previously introduced and i must admit that im proud of it.

But due to importance of this day, i think it would be a good idea to tell you about deleted scenes and things that were originally planned but scrapped when entering later stages of editing the game:

- Originally, The United States was meant to be a one side and some, mysterious terrorist organization was meant to be the second side. However, this was removed once i decided that this mod will take place on a C&C Tiberium universe, but 20 years later and different kind of story of The First Tiberian War. The US side was only very early concept.

- Medic was planned to be a Sniper -unit in the game, but it never make it since it's a bit hard to get them work fine.
- GDI Grenadier was originally Mortar Soldier.
- Black Hand Elite Soldier was originally named Mercenaries (Contract Killers) and they've supposed to use Railgun weapon.
- Nod Railgun Tank supposed to be Laser Tank, but that idea was scrapped long before Nod side was even born in this game.
- First the mod was named Command & Conquer REDUX 2016, but the 2016 tag was removed due to the fact that this mod wasn't ready in 2016.
- A Black Hawk helicopter was planned to replace Chinook.

Right above you can see the picture of upcoming Nod mission, which current working title is "Airbase 22f Infiltrated!". What can i tell you about this mission is that this is pure Nod's "infiltrate and destroy" military doctrine.

ccrdx 1 year.png

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A NEW VERSION HAS BEEN RELEASED! 4th of November 2017!




As in new version of CCRDX there are dozens of new things: For skirmishers there are several new maps that has special options and single players gets a several action packed missions: First you'll be assign to fight Nod's secret BlackHand base somewhere on Yellow Zone, second you will be set Nod underground facility where you face Nod troops that are determined to defend the facility at all costs. Or how about a 72 hour war against GDI when defending Temple Prime at South-America?


The choice is yours. Download CCRDX and just play!



- Added new unit: BlackHand Flame Tank for Nod. Thanks for Messiah from CNCnet.org and who is also a creator of RA Discovert Ops.
- Added new custom missions: BlackHand Threat (GDI), Evacuation (GDI), Resurrected from the Dead (Nod), Cloak & Dagger Strikes Again 2015 (Nod), Temple Prime Under Siege (Nod)
- Added new multiplayer maps: Highway of Death (4 players), Winter War (2 players), No Fly Zone (3 players), River Runs Through It (6 players), Lake of Misfortune (4 players)
- Added new War Factory -icon.
- Added new mini-campaign: The Tiberium Strain. It replaces Sarin Gas -mini campaign.
- Added new version of Legacy of Tesla (CS): Currently known as "Uninvited guests".
- Added new version of Grunyev Revolution (AM): Currently known as "We are Forgotten!"
- Updated armor and hit points for GDI Howitzer.
- Updated Guardian Attack Helicopter primary weapon: It now hit and affect against vehicles.
- Updated GDI Mammoth Tank graphics: Cool, black 120mm pipes now.
- Raised Guardian Attack Helicopter ammo 6 -> 8.
- Changed GDI's Howitzer 155mm cannon warhead AP -> HE.
- Changed GDI's Plasma Tank weapon ROF 150 -> 100.
- Changed Nod's Slammer Tank cannon 105mm -> 90mm.
- Fixed Nod mission 'The Betrayal' bug, where a single Transport ship does not unload its cargo. Now it does.
- Fixed Airstrike Control -building graphic problems when building is heavily damaged.
- Fixed GDI Mammoth Tank prerequisites on multiplayer, so AI has a chance to build it.
- Fixed Nod Infiltrator APC prerequisites.



Have fun! :cnc3:

Edited by Salvation

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It appears that edwin does not work into this version. Every time you start program you will get "please insert Red Alert CD" -error.


You can simply override it by downloading following edwin file and extract it into your CCRDX directory.


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After several years of hibernation and few failed restarts i finally found a motivation to continue developing this mod (thanks C&C remastered).

A new version is currently work-in-progress state. It contains a lot of balance fixes, new content (single player missions and skirmish maps), new graphics and sounds that replaces original ones.


In future versions there will be a new units for both sides and perhaps existing ones get a new shape. I feel that i won't create completely new units from rules.ini because putting them into certain mission data file causes crashes for raed, so i have to use existing unit slots and modify them into new units. Correct me if my information is outdated.


I recently tested the dropbox -link and it seems like to be working? Any kind of feedback would be pleased and help me developing this mod. Please note that the version you download is from year 2017!


Finally: A small blast from the past!



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So far there are several new things confirmed. What exactly, remains a secret but here is a bit spoiler for you...

- New units.

- New custom missions.

- Several original missions converted for CCRDX standards.

- New multiplayer maps.

- Balance fixes for both sides.

- New graphics for existing units.

- New sounds.


End transmission. Please stand by.

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Posted (edited)

I'm pleased to accounce that CCRDX newest version, v0.99.9.2 has been released! After several years of hibernating it's finally here! Althoug time ran out and i didn't have time to do completely everything i planned i'm still very proud of this.

Download here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8o4atgwe9r3fax5/CCRDX-2021.rar?dl=0

This version adds two new units for both sides. As a Nod player you will learn to hate GDI snipers who can eliminate your infantry from longer distances. But also GDI commander can be in trouble when bunch of Nod Tank Destroyers approaches and destroys your base key structures. Also, several original game missions are converted into CCRDX standards and both GDI and Nod gets a completely new missions. Revenge of Nod Death Squad is the oldest one and was made 3,5 years ago and Shiny Mosquito were made 2-3 times before it was perfect version.

You may found some bugs here, feel free to report them. All kind of feedback is very welcome! Im working this alone and sometimes the RA1 engine has its limitations.



- Added new unit: Sniper for GDI. Thanks for AchromicWhite from CNCnet.org.
- Added new unit: Tank Destroyer for Nod. Thanks for AchromicWhite from CNCnet.org
- Added new custom missions: Operation Shiny Mosquito (GDI), Thunder Run (GDI), Revenge of Nod Death Squad (Nod), Kane's Wrath (Nod)
- Added new version of Top o' the world (CS): Currently known as Frozen Cargo.
- Added new version of Nuclear Escalation (CS): Currently known as Operation Blackmail.
- Added new version of Let's make a steal: Currently known as Ezekiel's Wheel.
- Added new version of Paradox Equation: Currently known as Ion Storm.
- Added new multiplayer maps: No Easy Way Out (2 players), 8-Road (2 players), Operation Firestorm (4 players), Small Town (2 players)
- Added new sounds: Building placing, Damaged building, Destroyed Building, Rifleman weapon firing sound(s), Cash Up & Down, Kaboom sounds
- Added new graphics & icons: MCV, Construction Yard, Tiberium Silo, Transport, GDI Barracks, Gap Generator
- Added new tiles for following theaters: Temperate, Desert, Jungle, Snow. Thanks Allen262 for his incredible Red Dawn mod where these graphics were loaned.
- Added new graphics for AA-Gun: It is now Phalanx CIWS. Thanks Sadukar09 from CNCNet.org for the graphics!
- Added new graphics for GDI Howitzer.
- Added guide: How to set basic SP settings.
- Updated version of Highway Of Death.
- Updated version of Nod: Don't drink the water.
- Updated version of Nod: The fist of Black Hand. It now actually works.
- Updated version of GDI: Zero Hour.
- Updated version of GDI: Harbor Reclamation. Using Demo Trucks no longer crashes game.
- Changed Mechanic ownership: Only Nod can build it.
- Changed GDI Guardian Helicopter speed: Decreased 16 -> 13
- Changed GDI Plasma Tank weapon ROF: 100 -> 90
- Changed GDI Plasma Tank strength: 400 -> 450
- Changed GDI Plasma Tank speed: 5 -> 3.
- Changed GDI Plasma Tank weapon Burst: It is now 2.
- Changed GDI Plasma Tank sight: 7 to 3.
- Changed GDI Leopard Tank sight: 5 to 4.
- Changed GDI Leopard Tank speed: 6 to 5.
- Changed GDI Leopard Tank prerequisites: Requirements are now War Factory + Comm Bunker.
- Changed GDI Mammoth Tank speed: 4 to 3.
- Changed GDI Mammoth Tank sight: 6 to 4.
- Changed GDI Howitzer speed: 5 to 4.
- Changed GDI Hum-Vee sight: 6 to 5.
- Changed GDI Tech Center price: 1500$ to 2000$
- Changed GDI Tech Center power requirements: -200 to -100.
- Changed Nod Comanche Helicopter speed: Increased 12 -> 15
- Changed Nod Gap Generator price: 700$ -> 800$
- Changed Nod Prototype Railgun speed: 6 to 5.
- Changed Nod Obelisk of Light armor type: Heavy to Medium.
- Changed Nod Obelisk of Light sight: 8 to 7.
- Changed Nod Obelisk of Light weapon ROF: 120 to 100.
- Changed Nod Slammer Tank prerequisites: Requirements are now War Factory + Comm Bunker.
- Changed Temple of Nod price: 1500$ to 2000$
- Changed Nod Infiltrator APC passengers: 6 to 4.

Edited by Salvation

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