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Red Alert 2 Kocha's CUP #3

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Date: 24.12.2016, 10am (checkin), 11am - start (time: CET)

Link: https://goodgame.ru/cup/4734/ (must be register on GG to play tourney) - maps and settings inside (use google translate if needed)

Type: single elimination (bo3, bo5 - semifinals, bo7 - final)

Prize pool: currently nothing but will be > $50 and < $100 (3 places), depends on players count


Note about settings: pure Ra2 mode, speed - faster (but can be fastest per agreement with opponent)


Can answer questions if any




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1st place - ~$20



1.Deadman's Ridge

2.Dune Patrol

3.Isle of War

4.Hail Mary

5.Meat Grinder

6.Twin Peaks

7.South Pacific

8. Tournament A

9. Tournament B

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