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Tiberian Sun getting the AI to Create teams out of existing units.

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Hi I am working making a custom single player level in Tiberian Sun and I am struggling to get one of my AI Houses to create teams using existing units to attack the player with. I have looked at levels created by Westwood to get a idea of how to do it yet no luck.


I have attachment my map if anyone wants to take a look at it.


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Fragile, do they do anything in the script?

I'm not familiar with custom houses, but it looks like the triggers should work just fine. Why dont u just delete the units on the map, and just use trigger action 80 instead. It might have something to do with the custom houses.

( btw you should know there is a mistake in the "Do this.."  list in the Script section. The " 9 -move in and get eaten doesn't exist. All listed under 9 should have its number minus 1. So your "Do this.. Hunt..  is actually: Do this: Unload. So put it on Ambush (the one below)

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