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Side note....having been completely embarrassed by tiger on ff in like 4 m in...ive noticed a few things....you know when you take a break, and come back...your slower...dont click as fast...make mistakes you wouldnt have made before, or in the past. Im doing all those...except I didnt take a break haha


Just gotta play more intense games and get shaped up so team NA can defeat Germany

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I just realized how old this thread is  😂 

It´s funny how people seem to be in a game and how they look different when listening to this, enjoyed alot .

When you spoke of C&C3 TW , made me remember some of the people i played. I remember playing C0ffin too, he loved to play  a Top Vs Bottom map which i don´t remember the name anymore, he used to team up with jzampage .

Played alot with mill0 which was very good at the time, was a pure NOD rusher and good at it , i think he used the pewpewlasergun log.

Also played some with TRZ if not mistaken (we did some 1vs1´s on tournament arena).

The player that i played and enjoyed the most was definitely Day0fdoom, a very cool chill out guy, learned alot from him in TS and in TW, i used to team up with him alot on redzone map, we played and learned together, winning versus some strong teams, i think we did pretty well in some months in the 2vs2 ladder before i had to leave, "too bad" i went to the army and gone out of the country, when i came back the game  had changed and i never had a hold of that guy again. 

Do you remember VOdy? he was a Tiberian sun player too but never got good at it, but turned out to be one of the best in C&C3 TW in my time , how funny was that 😂



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Ah mjvd what was your log? I played at a very high level of cnc3 for the first few mths. When pilbots, skynny, dackel, technique, apollo etc were runnin the game. I actually owned apollo often so it was kinda sad to see him win the wcg that year when it was in my hometown lmfao but my gf at the time had a huge issue with my gaming time.  My log was Chameleon or Scrinstar on cnc3. And i was in a clan with skynny and Dmraider, etc whom I met on gamereplays  I used to play with Voddy9 on ts and cnc3 as well. Fun times.  We probably did play on tournie arena. The Tournie Rift map on TS was my idea, brought it from CNC3 and had Skylegend tweak it.




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my first post here, after lurking for many years...

Great listens; as a fellow canadian, I enjoyed hearing your accent, @Phenomena. 😀

I have a few questions for you, if you wouldn't mind (pardon my verbosity):

  1. I've played a lot of RTS games in my day, mostly against the computer players. AOE, EE, TS, RA2... What would you recommend to someone who seeks to move from against bots to playing against human players? (e.g. lag drives me nuts)
  2. how bold are the rose-tinted glasses? I play newer games and often dislike them strongly, but when I go back to 'old' classics (SC2/UQM* being one of my favourites), I find myself much more amused. is it that games these days suck that much more, or am I wearing the glasses? has history filtered out the crap?
  3. in-line with the above, do you think video games are being dumbed down? TS is so much trickier than say RA2, and that's a span of 1-2 years. Half-Life was a masterpiece but finicky; HL2 was another masterpiece but a lot simpler in many ways. Also on different platforms, LoZ has become a sad joke. In your opinion, are games getting easier?


* Star Control Origins is cute, but nowhere near the precursor games.

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  1. Schaf played all maps. Not just terrace. Your skew of that realm of things is evident to any real top ts player. He was a beast as u put it, but at allllll maps and gdi or nod. Uve accused me of only playing terrace even this year. LOL. It makes me question your view on ts. Kapa would not only play terrace either. lol. Ive said other map to him 100000000x and he was all for it. I dont buy that aspect. The king of ts now all maps gdi or nod is mola. Schaf or kapa were even more so and even more so ready to play. That is bs. I can attest to that. And on top of what you said about me and those non truths . makes me wonder ;[
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