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Made a youtube channel

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I've been wanting to make a youtube channel to help new players learn the game faster, finally here it is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVKOr_2o94jh2ViR7PKAX9A

Next ill be remaking my website (http://members.tripod.com/red_alert_website/), tripod is terrible.

If anyone has any pro vids theyd like to share please send it to me, if you want to record your own.. i use obs studio and avidemux. I will not accept videos with music added or sound removed.

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ofc keyboard-express is not allowed, also the hint to how make 1-key-all-shifting is clearly considered cheating.


however. before redoing-overworking the old site, maybe better idea is to contribute to ra1.guides.com, where others like ford, boy, cro, maty, many more, thunder and me are publishing the recent stuff. JCL, your (copied from 199x-other website) production-time-numbers-list is there already included.


i would <3 instead to see your old site conserved for historical purpose :)

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