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Is it possible to create vehicle 'skins'?

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For any, or all these classic C&C games, wouldn't it be cool to have zebra or tiger stripes on your tanks? Or desert/snow camo? I'm no modder, but my guess is that each 'skin' would have to be a separate voxel. But is it possible to have multiple voxels for ONE unit?

If possible, this would be a pretty neat unlockable item. Players would have to play, say... 100 games to unlock the jungle camo skin, 200 games to unlock the 'Midnight' skin, and so on. And maybe 1000 games to have your clan's logo on the roof of your construction yard. It would have to somehow be unlocked for players who have reached the requirements, but still locked for everyone else.



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5 hours ago, Nyerguds said:

Skins make house colour harder to distinguish, though...

Yeah probably, only because everyone plays with high resolutions these days which make the units too small for players to be able to see the skin designs properly.

Oh well, just a dream... which will come true when EA realises that remastering Tiberian Dawn (like Starcraft) would be more profitable than all the newer generation C&Cs put together, I think so anyway.

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17 hours ago, fir3w0rx said:

Oh well, just a dream... which will come true when EA realises that remastering Tiberian Dawn (like Starcraft) would be more profitable than all the newer generation C&Cs put together, I think so anyway.

Which is also very much a dream :(

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