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Ladder - Change log


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So a few important changes to note.

  • Players do not "lose" points if they have lost a game, they simply gain a smaller margin of points. 
    The theory is to eliminate the ethic of bad sportsmanship and rage quitting when losing. If you lose you're guaranteed some points.
  • Ladder design will always be evolving and remember everything you see is never finished. However we're scrapping the traditional table view you see so much in ladders. 
    Reason being it's too common, it's not inline with what we do here. We're pushing boundaries and want a somewhat unique experience to competitive C&C to entice as many players as possible.
  • Additional game stats introduced  
    Including and not limited to:
    • Player Colour
    • Player Faction
    • Player Credits
    • Player Infantry, Planes, Buildings Left
    • Player Units, Infantry, Planes, Buildings Bought
    • Player Units, Infantry, Planes, Buildings Destroyed
  • Current Game information stored:
    • Superweapons
    • Crates
    • Credits
    • Duration
    • MCV Redeploy
    • Build of Ally Conyard
    • Average FPS
    • Reconnection Error Flag
    • Unit Count Start
    • Players in Game
    • Map / Scenario
  • Game Scenarios 
    The different game scenarios of win/lose will require testing again to see if the code implemented catches disconnects, quitting etc.


For the additional game stats we've now got I would like to give a huge thanks to tomsons26 and dkeeton for helping me with the parsing and testing.

What's next?

  • Re-testing of the game scenarios , keep playing games, report anything unusual.  
  • A look into how we can handle Reconnection errors. 
  • On going UI changes and ladder code.


On another note thank you all for your testing so far and for being patient. 

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Changes - 15/07/2017

  • Tiberian Sun unit types added to the stats parsing (dkeeton)
  • Recent games
    • Now show on profile aswell as ladder listing
    • Date added when game was played
  • Player profile 
    • Average FPS added




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Just added a first pass at basic badges based on rank currently. I'll make a page in a moment so you can see what badges are available. 

public function badge($rank)
        switch ($rank)
            case $rank >= 0 && $rank <= 50:
                return "rank-01-e2 badge-0";
            case $rank > 50 && $rank <= 100:
                return "rank-01-e3 badge-1";
            case $rank > 100 && $rank <= 200:
                return "rank-01-e4 badge-2";
            case $rank > 200 && $rank <= 300:
                return "rank-01-e5 badge-2";
            case $rank > 300 && $rank <= 400:
                return "rank-01-e6 badge-3";
            case $rank > 500 && $rank <= 600:
                return "rank-01-e7 badge-3";
            case $rank > 600 && $rank <= 700:
                return "rank-01-e8 badge-4";
            case $rank > 600 && $rank <= 700:
                return "rank-01-e8-1 badge-4";
            case $rank > 700 && $rank <= 800:
                return "rank-01-e8-2 badge-4";
            case $rank > 700 && $rank <= 800:
                return "rank-01-e9-1 badge-5";
            case $rank > 700 && $rank <= 800:
                return "rank-01-e9-2 badge-5";
            case $rank > 800 && $rank <= 900:
                return "rank-01-e9-2 badge-6";
            case $rank > 900 && $rank <= 1000:
                return "rank-01-e9-3 badge-6";
            case $rank > 1000 && $rank <= 1500:
                return "rank-02-00-e4 badge-7";
            case $rank > 1500 && $rank <= 2000:
                return "rank-02-00-e5 badge-7";
            case $rank > 2000 && $rank <= 2500:
                return "rank-02-00-e6 badge-7";
            case $rank > 2000 && $rank <= 2500:
                return "rank-02-00-e7 badge-7";
            case $rank > 3000:
                return "rank-02-00-e9-01 badge-8";
            default: "rank-03-e2";

We could look at it differently too, open to ideas on what. You could base badges on X, Y, Z and build up a score. 

Very rough look at badges (Colours will be changed): https://staging.cnc-comm.com/ladder/yr/badges

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So far it looks like that yeah.


  • Only 1vs1 Games should now count
  • Points no longer stored on username, and stored on a player_points table - allows easy management of games and points.

Admin panel:

  • As of currently, shows a list of all the games per ladder, and allows you to delete. Deleting a game removes all associated ladder_games, player_games, player_points records.  
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Trial for November ladder month:

  • NO points are awarded on loss.
  • More points awarded on win. (denominator 120,000)


Congrats to players Just-Testing, RC1985 and Black for winning that October ladders.

Edited by dkeeton
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  • Yuri's Revenge 1v1 ladder has been spit in to 2 Leagues. Players are placed in leagues based on their rating. Highest rated players are in the Masters league and the rest are put in the Contenders League.
  • Point system was updated to give higher rated players more points per win.
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Player view has now been changed slightly to be more consistent with others. 

  • Back button will now go back to the ladder, rather than ladder home.
  • Player cards that are selected will now, aswell as appearing on the ladder listings, will appear in the player view.
    • Player cards will soon be updated to include some new designs.
  • General design update



Game view

  • Back button will now go back to the ladder, rather than ladder home.
  • General design update


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  • Password Resets have been fixed.  You can now click the "Forgot Password" link at the ladder login page and you will get a password reset email.
  • Your email address must be verified before you can you play a ranked match. You can manually send a verification code to your email by clicking here
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