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We're adding new units and buildings and more! CHOOSE YOURSELF!

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So dkeeton and me are gathering new units, buildings, animations, voxels etc toadd into the game for optional use (for map makers).

If you already have some cool stuff and we can use it, please post some. You can find hunderds of awesome voxels made by gamers along the years on https://ppmforums.com/index.php?f=49 or if you find other sources to get some, please do so.

Find some nice stuff you would like to see in the game, download the shp file(s), and.or vxl and hva files. It would be great if you can find the codes for art.ini and the rules for in the map file for the voxel you like, or please make some yourself if you have experience, because I'm still struggling with the right codes if the maker didnt include them.

- Please make sure we are allowed to use the voxel and let us know the name of the creator and his terms of use.

- Provide the link/source where u got it from

If you found a whole bunch, It would make it easier for me if you would test them yourself in a single map, and just give me your art.ini, map file and ecacheXX.mix



If you don't know how to add voxels/shps, download XCC Utilities and have a look on https://ppmforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=4037  (but for the most part this message is targeted to people who are familar with xcc utilities)

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Hi Holland. 

Navy5EAL from moddb.com gave  his permission to use his stuff if needed for the Tiberian Sun upgrade. I asked him that we  might need to borrow his civilian cars  or other stuff, that of course I would credit him for making these units. 


I felt he made good material for civilian vehicles that looks consistent to Tiberian Sun atmosphere. Not to mention he added some  Tiberian dawn units and Improved their look. He has some new cameos as well that looks fine. 

The first photo is something that might be interesting for civilian stuff, adding more toys for map markers. Also improved looking Tiberian dawn units; the heavy tank and the MLRS. 

The second photo is an artillery. This one looks good for new mobile artillery unit. 

The third photo is elite cadre that the cameo looks more nod like.

Here is the link for downloading the mod: 



I'm still trying to reach other mod makers and waiting for permission to use their stuff. 


That's that's for now. 






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Very good progress. Good that you thought about adding new plants. The palms look great. And now we having navy in TS for the first time lol. Some buildings look creepy but nevertheless these things are interesting. 

I currently don't have PC nor laptop! I can't help much, but I will see what I can do the next few weeks.

I will pm you if I ever get the chance to help you. 

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