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GDI did 9/11

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Sure that explains the initial explosion in tower 1.

What about Tower 2, Tower 7 and the secret Martian listening post in Tower J? Here's what they don't want you to know... Click here to subscribe, don't forget to finger bang that like button... Everyone told him his insurance payment would be too expensive but they didn't know this one little trick... She clipped coupons every day for a year, you'll never believe what happened next... he bought 500 yards of wax paper, you'll never believe what he did with it... He made a stupid forum post about 9/11 but you'll never believe how it ended (even NASA has changed the history books)


Now for the big reveal....

To bring it all down, GDI would need over 1000 well trained disc throwers surrounding the buildings in a figure double-8.  And... nothing could detonate that many disc throwers other than Kane, himself, sending in Devil's Tongues...



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Facepalm. You could at least put those GDI units in the actual footage instead of merging two separate unrelated videos.

Edited by ore_truck

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17 hours ago, 1337timmay said:

what are you talking about ore_truck this is raw footage from CNN 

Makes more sense now that you mention it being on CNN!

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