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Apple Island

Lag in the game (during explosions)

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I have RA2 and Yuri installed. And patched by CnCGraphicsPatch. And there is no problem in single player mode or throught internet for any resolution.

But, if I play in the CNCNet client (skirmish or internet), I always have lags when explosions occur. The CnCGraphicsPatch can not be applied to a file Gamemd-spawn.exe.


The following points were checked:

[*]Go to Client Options and under Display, and choose a renderer until the game is fast. - (Default, Software, DDWrapper, DxWnd: No effect; TS-DDraw: during startup the game freezes (white screen); IE-DDraw: an error appears during the game start)

[*]Ensure your video drivers are up to date. - (I have updated drivers.)

[*]In the client settings toggle 'videobackbuffer' on and off - (No effect)

[*]Try toggling 'graphics patch' on and off - (The CnCGraphicsPatch can not be applied to a file Gamemd-spawn.exe)

[*]Try a lower resolution - (The problem is the same for any resolution.)

[*]If lag is in online games and not skirmish, try selecting different tunnelling servers - (Both modes)


Also the RA2MD.ini file contains the following lines:






The system that I have:

OS WinXp, video Intel GMA (LoL), CNCNet client v3.4.0.5.

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When I say explosions, I mean one or more Guardian GI or Grand Cannon shoots, a Tank or Building explodes. Number of units does not matter.

Edited by Apple Island

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We have patched in graphic patch as a toggle actually. Add UseGraphicsPatch=true to [Video] in ra2md.ini see if it changes anything, that is that same patch. The client should have had a option for this, if it's gone missing then it was accidentally removed at some point

Edited by tomsons26

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When I toggle in the client setting 'videobackbuffer' on and off, this changes the 'UseGraphicsPatch' value in the ini file true and false, but does not give an effect.

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