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How to Use the Map Renderer

Chrono Vortex

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On step 5 if you type

do space hyphen (-j) then hit enter you will get the picture back in a .jpeg as opposed to a .png which is about half the size but retains the map size. Just smaller in mb I was going to upload the 2 picture for comparison but as you all already know we can only upload max 9.77 mb file so I'll have to reduce picture size drastically or convert png to jpeg and then still reduce size of picture to fit the parameters

png v jpeg.jpg

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So this method is the one i used to do for generating HD map images. It no longer works for me. Instead when I execute the command It opens up the Red Alert 2 and Tiberium Sun Map Renderer program v

When I hit render map through the program I get a message saying

Rendering appears to have failed. Would you like to transmit a bug report containing the error log and map to: Email etc.

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