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CekaJ (Jake)

Opinions on Sealing a soviet in 1v1

Seal the soviet war factory on soviet map?  

17 members have voted

  1. 1. Yes or no on soviet map?

    • Lame
    • Not lame

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9 hours ago, VWWWWWWWWWWW said:

Okay, but I did a few 1v1s with you on Dune Patrol before and you attempted to rush a seal ifv over to my base for most of those games, and then said afterwards that it's because allies has no chance there lols. But you picked the map and the team.... =]


that was 3 months ago which was literally 50% of the time ive been playing this game. ive only been playing 6 months and since then ive learned many things. I was top 5000 in overwatch when there 11 million people playing it. #1 on a mobile game. and high up in other games so don't act like i don't understand games when i was literally new to the game. I assume you think actually blowing up buildings with the seal is lame then

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Okay, then 3 months ago you were: 1v1ing a lot on Dune patrol, picking allies, and trying to rush with seal because you said you couldn't win otherwise.

Now: you are 1v1ing on a "soviet map", picking allies, sealing someone, and using the map as a justification. Doesn't seem much different to me. I also never said you didn't "understand games". But telling me you were good at candy crush on your phone or w/e other game does not matter to me.

Anyways, you assumed wrong. I don't have an opinion about seals. Every once in a while I'll use a seal to kill an IC if I don't see another way to do it. I don't think that's particularly lame. But you definitely won't get better by using seals.  


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17 hours ago, VWWWWWWWWWWW said:

That's what people say when they realize they just did something stupid l0l

Really? First time I hear that you must have invented that seeing how convenient it seems.

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